Angelina Jolie on 60 Minutes: Still a Bad Girl!

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She's been called "the most beautiful woman in the world," and has often been a magnet for controversy, but Angelina Jolie remains at the top of her craft.


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    i think it's south-east. i can see the lrttees S and E if i am not wrong. south africa and australia are south east. except from antarctica. i cant stop thinking who is it. we will probably learn soon, i hope.


    We understand Brad Pitt is 'awake' to the NWO and
    the world 'Agenda 21' EUGENICS agenda.

    We find that hard to believe as Jolie's a member of EUGENICS
    central control ---the CFR.

    She's also maintained TOTAL SILENCE on the yet unfolding
    Globalist RED Chinese Halocaust/

    Maybe she sould spend some 'quality time' visiting those
    prison camps on ther North Korean border as the Siberian
    winter sweeps down this Christmas?

    It might finally ---BLOW her 'on board' mind once and for all. . .


    Agreed. I've been labelled a "bad girl" according to the stringent code of the goodie two shoes. It's the ones that rock the boat, question everything that get a bum rap from employers and institutions -- but they make this world a better place.

    I almost did not get my teaching degree because I challenged the system. I refused to treat students like cattle. I preferred treating them like human beings with thoughts and feelings. My bad.


    A bad girl still? Sure! That's what creative people do. They rock the boat, they buck the system and they question stagnation and apathy. That's how they focus their craft and bring attention to subjects that need to be exposed. And according to the norm, that is what a bad girl does. She's just in a better position to succeed that most. Thankfully, her heart is in the right place, on the side of the underdog.
    Here's to your success. Keep up the good work. Remember, if you can do more, do!

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