Will Amanda Knox Get a Book Deal?

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Amanda Knox was cleared of murder charges in Italy on Monday after jurors threw out a 2009 conviction that sent the American student to prison for a quarter-century.

Almost immediately following her exoneration in the slaying of Meredith Kercher, media watchers began pondering when/if a book deal for Knox is on the way.

She certainly has a compelling story to tell ... but would you buy it?

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This summer, another young woman who attracted massive media attention was found innocent of murder, and quickly drew offers exceeding $750,000 for such a book.

Casey Anthony has not written a book or even given an interview, of course. Due to widespread public hatred of her, one wonders if there will ever be a market.

Knox, however, seems to enjoy much wider public support. It helps that a review of DNA evidence and long appellate proceedings resulted in her winning her freedom.

Meredith Kercher's throat was slashed in 2007, officials believed, after a sadistic sex game between the victim, Knox, and her boyfriend gone horribly, fatally wrong.

Knox always maintained her innocence, although what happened to Kercher still remains a mystery. Would you be interested in hearing her side of the story? Tell us:

Amanda Knox:


Publishers should take notice of the fact that Amanda Knox is a convicted liar who, along with her biological parents, face additional slander charges for . Any publisher who prints her lies will no doubt face be sued for slander as well.


What has happened to circumstantial evidence, what about all of her lies. She is morally corrupt just as the prosecutor said. You all are relying solely on DNA evidence, just alot of CSI TV fantasy. She is guilty guilty guilty. You will hear about her again in the future, just like O>J> she's going to slip up.


Amanda Knox must be careful, American media could be worst than Italian trial


Sickrichgirl: I so agree with you!!


Amanda Knox is slicker than SNOT!!!!!!!


Only in america do crimmnals become celebritys. The only reason the italian court let her go was for the americans to leave and they pinned it on the black guy. Typical.