Sean Penn Labels Tea Party Members Racists Who Want to "Lynch" President Obama

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Sean Penn channeled his inner Morgan Freeman this week.

The actor raised eyebrows by calling Tea Party members a bunch of racists, drawing a stinging rebuke from the national coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots.

Penn referred to Tea Partiers as the “Get the N-Word Out of the White House Party” on Piers Morgan Tonight, saying its members want to "lynch" President Obama.

That sentiment and word choice did not sit well with many.

Said Mark Meckler, co-founder and national coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots:

“I’m fairly certain that Sean Penn has never been to a tea party or met anyone who belongs to a local tea party. I’d be happy to sit down and speak with him if he’s ever interested in really speaking with one of us and learning what we are about instead of just slandering millions of his fellow American citizens with racist hatred."

"While protected by the 1st Amendment, this rhetoric has no place in reasonable discourse in America. Then again, no one ever accused Sean Penn of ‘reasonable discourse.’”

We know where Herman Cain stands on this, but what about you?

Is the Tea Party racist?

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-TRUTH OPENED- ---Hollywood now stands dangerously X---posed
for 4 decades of retreads, demoralization, soft porn,
tech porn., empathy porn, torture porn and VAST,
calculated predictive programming for the unfolding
castone EUGENICS agenda. Penn has been UTTERLY SILENT on these matters
---even as he complies. Just a little REALITY CHECK as Hollywood BURIES
without a trace the 60th Anniversary of the
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@ Monica. You say there are Racist in America? Your kidding! I'm not sure you have your Facts Straight! I was in Detroit and my White Ass just strolled down the Street- No Problem! Then I went to Harlem- That Rodeo Clown- Al Sharpton welcomed me with Open Arms! Then I went to Compton and opened a Kool Aid Stand-,Fucking line Wraps around the Block! The Black Panthers? We went in Half on Hockey Season Tickets. Honestly- You should go to Internet and look up Knoxville 2007- Channon Christian and Chris Newsom - Read in Detail- Get back with me! Ok!


some of them are racists. my grandmother on my moms side & her little tea party member group are BIG racists. but not all are.


Penn is an idiot and I've bought my last ticket to see him or Sam Jackson. Who ever told him that people were interested in his opinion lied to him. I bet his agent wants to ring his neck after the Morgan show! 2 idiots for the price of one.


Sean Penn is a laugh riot. He really thinks someone cares about what he thinks...actually I will take someone in the Tea Party over someone who loves Hugo Chavez...If Penn does not like what is going on here...I suggest he go and live with Hugo...and while your at it Penn..your one of the ones who tries to stir up unrest between the races...We need to ignore people like you...who love the race card...pull it, use it...and lie about it...if we the real people of the U.S. would stop listening to dribble from people like you...we would see that there is not a race problem in the U.S....its just people like you trying to create one that is the problem...everyday the races interact because we are human beings..but the loud mouths get up and start pulling that card and you have people saying...hmmmm must be true...well its not...everyday America has not got a race problem and if we stand up to people like this one...we will stop this attempt to create havoc.


I feel like there is something that I must clear up. In 2 of my recent postings (or whatever), I misspelled the words volatile and May-December. The reason that I'm saying this is because...whenever I weigh in with my thoughts/opinions, I (try to) pride myself on being an accurate speller. It was something that I wanted to clear up. Thank you for listening. Until next time...PEACE OUT YA'LL!!!!!


Mr. Sean Penn...dude...GIMME A BREAK!!!!! As far as I'm concerned, you know little to nothing about politics. So, do yourself a favor...back off and let President Obama continue to run our country. Also, have a HISTORY of having (1) a VERY volitale temper and (2) LOTS of violent outbursts. Furthermore, we all know how BOTH of your 2 marriages ended up...IN DIVORCEVILLE!!!!! Remember...Madonna has gradually turned herself into a rude and dried-up looking control freak and Robin Wright STILL HAS an ice-queen and diva-like ATTITUDE!!! Sean, dude, stick to your career as a Hollywood actor and leave the politics part up to The President!!! You're better off.


This Tea Party rhetoric is mostly nonsense. A volatile combination of greedy filthy rich Koch brothers(bad guys, those two) and easily swayed and relatively poorly educated people, not bad people per se, just naive and afraid of what they don't know. The masterminds behind the Tea Party prey on these people's unquestioning acceptance of dogma & fundamental religion and use it for their own selfish greed & cronyism without thought to the consequenses to society. And no, not all Tea Party folk are racist, but there are many who are. Think about it, if the current administration came in a shiny white package with the last name of Smith, or Hamilton, do you think there'd be this much hatred & vitriol directed towards the President? Sure, there will always be opposition, but no way would there be the kind of hate that there is now.


It sure would be nice if Sean was at least half as smart as he thinks he is.


sean penn is a hass benn that never shoud have been