Morgan Freeman on Tea Party Members: RACISTS!

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To say Morgan Freeman is not a fan of the Tea Party movement would be putting it mildly. In an interview on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, Freeman labels Tea Partiers radicals whose sole aim is to oust President Obama from office.

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    you cannot evaluate President OBama's success as president in a negative way or you are a racists,give me a break!


    there is two different tea parties in the country,the one spawned by Ron Paul is about freedom, liberty,property rights,sound money and individual rights.there are democratic racists,republican racists,tea party racists,black racists and white racists,the tea party based on libertarian views cannot be racists,it does not divide people into groups.


    At one time I thought Morgen Freeman was a human being but now I see that he is just another racist out to blame the white man for ignorance he should fit in well with CBC


    I still think that some of you all are brain wash. Some of you are so far out there, it just so bad because you all are still not explaing yourself right about the republicans. Stop putting the blame on Obama just because the tea party dont want to help the man out. Like i comment b4, the republicans was planning this whole thing about not letting Obama ideals be taking at all. Because they rather see the country fall down, than to see a half black man run a country.




    You can be conservative and not racist. You can be a member of the TEA party movement and not racist.

    You cannot be Morgan Freeman and not be racist.

    Make up all of the fake facts you want. The fact is that the TEA party is a HUGE number of Americans who are fundamentally concerned with the economic, social, and legal disaster that is the Obama administration.

    Racism is easy, so that is the issue dujour. If Obama were white we'd be guilty of some other form of narrow-mindedness. TEA party members and conservatives, don't waste your energy defending yourself against insignificant whiners like Morgan Freeman.

    As for Herman Cain; I'm not going to cast an 'apology' vote for the black guy just to placate race-baiters. Cain stands on his own merit and is on my very short list of presidential hopefuls. And if he takes office, I won't start calling liberals 'racist' every time they react to him dismantling another entitlement. Unless they're being racist.


    Morgan Freeman is saying what everybody else knows. The Tea Party is racist as hell, and not just against Blacks. They also are the same people who join the militia groups, hate Latinos and migrants, Muslims and oppose mosques, yet somehow love Jews and Israel! Why love Jews and Israel- oh yeah, they're WHITE.

    Basically, White Conservatives (tea baggers or not) are racist. Everyone knows it!!!


    Most of you all are brain wash, it not even funny any more. I cant stand to read most of you all comments, because all of you simply do not know what your trying to explain about the republicans parties. How is it the Democrats fault? The biggest problem are the tea parties. They are a bunch of greedy azz rich people that who dont care about nobody but their self. If it is not about race, why the republicans been down grading Obama for three yrs? Every since Obama step good in the door, the republicans made sure that he was going to be a one turn president. Because they wanted the voters to believe that he wasnt doing a great job. The republicans brain wash people so that they can lie and take over seats. Republicans are trying to make democrats look like the bad guys, when the republicans had already messup the country. George Bush did it, Regan did it, and George W. Bush did it the wrost. So how is it the democrats fault again?


    I love how this happens on the same day as Herman Cain won the Forida straw poll. And Cain just won Tea Party vote so the left just looks retarded and I am independent but come on liberals you look pathetic eight now.


    morgan freeman is dating his step daughter

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