Prince Michael Jackson to Testify in Dr. Conrad Murray Trial if Asked

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Michael Jackson's eldest son Prince will very likely be asked to testify at the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, which begins today in L.A.

An eyewitness to the horrific scene in the bedroom where his father lost his life in 2009, the 14-year-old does not want to testify, but will do what he must.

According to a TMZ report, Prince is telling family that if he's called to the stand, he'll do what needs to be done in the name of justice for his late father.

Prince Jackson

That said, he's not exactly looking forward to it. Prince is "nervous" and worried that if he's called to the stand, he might get flustered and "mess up."

If Prince, who is on the prosecution's witness list, is called by prosecutors, his grandma and guardian, Katherine, will ask her lawyers to protect him.

Not to bar him from testifying, but to request that the entire courtroom be cleared during his testimony. That wouldn't be unprecedented for minors.

Judge Michael Pastor will likely prohibit the media from putting Prince on camera and traumatizing him further, but may not clear the court altogether.

Prince is on the witness list because Dr. Murray summoned Prince Michael Jackson to MJ's bedroom for help during the fateful morning in June 2009.

Opening statements in Murray's trial begin today.



bizzare lookin u say ...well he looks like his father that plastic surgeon who messed michael's face up over and over and latoya's nose. I forget his name blanket the only child that looks biological ashame he didnt have kids of his own dna.


Yes indeed jaan black, you are an Z lister. Along with Jailian Calvin. You guys both fail


OMGosh jaan black. He is only a child. What kind of insecurity are you dealing with when you have to make derogatory comments about a young boy? By the way, Prince Michael is a very good looking young boy. You should talk, if that is your pic on here, you really should take a look in the mirrow. You are no prize which is probably why you feel the need to pick on a child (who is much better looking than you).


He is not bizarre looking- I wonder what your kids look like- loser. That boy succomed to a very tragic scene seeing his dad, dead on the floor and you call him names? Jesus- I hope an H bomb lands in your backyard you no name, second rate, minimum wage working, nobody.


Prince Michael is UGLY geesh!!!!!!!!!!


jaan black - What do you mean a bizarre looking child? From all the pictures I have seen of Prince he seems an extremely good looking young man. Just hope everything will be alright for him. I can well imagine his grandmother being concerned.


Poor kid. :( I can understand his worries. People are taking this "mess up" comment out of context. He's nervous. He saw his father lying dead after the doctor called him in that room. He wants to tell what he saw, but he's probably terrified that the defense will try to twist his words around and trip him up. I'm so worried about his kids during this awful time. :( I hope they're holding up ok. And can't we please stop commenting on the way these kids look. They are human beings with emotions and they are innocent kids who do not deserve to be picked on. So please just lay off!

Jaan black

bizarre looking child

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