Michael Lohan to Lindsay: Lay Off the Crack and Meth!!

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Michael Lohan is concerned about his daughter, and for good reason.

Not only is she constantly in legal trouble, having been thrown in jail for the 14,384th time yesterday ... but have you seen Lindsay Lohan's teeth?

“She’s an addict, she doesn’t care and she’s in denial,” her dad said. “I want her in treatment for a year. Otherwise nothing is going to change in her life."

Mike thinks Lindsay's on crack or meth, and if she doesn't get her act together, she won't be visiting the morgue for community service, but permanently.

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This explains a lot.

On Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell on HLN Wednesday, Michael Lohan - no stranger to legal problems himself, which tells you something - said the following:

“The [issue with her teeth], that's from smoking a pipe with meth or crack. She’s smoking either crack or meth, one or the other. I’m not going to shade it.”

Linds reportedly had emergency dental surgery to fix her rotting teeth last week, amid concerns sparked when she walked a red carpet with a dented ass grill.

“[Prescription medication] would affect all your teeth, not just the front," the elder Lohan adds. "You can’t dance with the devil and expect to go home with Jesus.”

Whatever you say, MiLo. Whatever you say.






This poor girl needs parents that aren't fame whores. Someone to help her, and not run to the press for attention every second he/she gets


Why is he talking to the media, supposing what he suspects is true, instead of trying to help her? If she were on crack I'd kind of understand. I don't think her parents care about her at all.


What your children are like now is what you have done to shape them. Sure outsiders may play the role but the prime actor is you. A lesson to learn from my ancestors' saying. 'Be careful of what you say. God grants one every month'. The case is we do not know which day. Remember what Amy Winehouse' mum said just 3 months before she died? 'If you don't stop taking drug, we might meet each other in heaven'. Amy's mum just didn't realize it was the day God granted what she said.


Get off that crack or meth....nasty teeth, Lindsay!




Mr. Michael Lohan...you look like you're in WORSER shape than your own daughter Lindsay aka LiLo!!!!! And, yet, you're telling her to lay off the crack and the meth!!!!! Dude, you're just as NUTSO as your daughter!!!!! As far as I'm concerned, your whole and entire family is MESSED UP!!!!! What Dina (who's NOT TOO SWIFT herself) ever saw in you I will never ever know. P-E-O-P-L-E, you know this is BAD BAD BAD when a whole and entire family is on an ENDLESS ROAD TO RUIN!!!!! Michael, I for one, am very surprised that you and Lindsay are STILL alive!!!!! Dude, if you're STILL trying to live off of Lindsay, those days now seem to be OVER!!!!! Mike, you must have some clue (or whatever) as to ALL OF the current trouble that LiLo is in. The Bottom Line: It's only gonna get WORSER AND WORSER for Lindsay!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!


@LlMom, soooo agree. Where do they do that @?!? Cud NEVER do that 2 my kids,& i seriously doubt their dads wud ever b that $$ hungry, 2 turn 2 the media!! He sure is the 1 to talk, huh? Michael, go & get URSELF sum help FIRST!!! Mayb u can actually b a dad for once. Like father, like daughter...


It is so easy for Michael to talk. He can Not begin to be a father to Lilo all over again. If he gave her good advice in the beginning, evidently she wasn't listening. By all indications, her respect radar for him is way below room temperature. PEACE!!

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Just like the [topless] Marilyn Monroe spread, Linds is my daughter and there are just some things a father doesn't want to see or hear, regardless of whether they are true or false.

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