George Clooney: What's His Best Look?

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While George Clooney has been hopping - okay, flying first class in a private jet - from red carpet to red carpet over the last few weeks, most eyes have been trained on the woman on his arm. And for good reason:

Stacy Keibler is far from unattractive.

But the actor has also given fans multiple looks at various events honoring his two latest movies, The Ides of March and The Descendants. Below, we're asking readers to compare his cool and casual look at a photo call in London... with his jacket/no-tie outfit at the London Film Festival... with his grey suit at the NYC premiere of the former film. Vote now!

Fashion Face-Off!

George Clooney has been all over the red carpets these days. Which look do you like best on the actor? View Poll »

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George Clooney"s best look ever was in the movie The Harvest not to mention best performance ever .He had a way better look in the movie The Harvest than he did on the TV sitcom The Facts Of Life.


I dunno but in my opinion George's looks are overated. Yeah he looks good for his age but some find him to be the sexiest man ever...which I don't think he is at all. I don't find anything appealing about him especially his face. There's something about it it just makes him look boring. Well that's just my opinion and I've seen men his age and even a bit older who look way better. I'm not hating on him cuz he's very talented but this article is asking about our opinions on just appearance and this is just my 2 cents.


Dare I say it!!
Minus all the marriages, George Clooney is the Cary Grant of this generation!!


Cloony? wake up!!!! u too old for posing!


Fuck George, and I am sick of him trying to make fools out of these women. My goat would not piss on this fucker. He is fucking ugly!