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Look out, Google. Step off, Yahoo. Take your Bing promos and shove ’em, Vampire Diaries and other CW shows who plug that for reasons unknown.

MC Hammer is ready to dance all over the search engine world.

Yes, seriously … we couldn’t make up something this absurd.

Hammer, who took hip-hop by storm in the ’90s, is hereby looking to do the same with the Internet world. He may be a few decades late, but hey.

STOP … WIREDOO TIME! MC Hammer’s gonna strike it rich!

“Yo man, I’m gonna WireDoo that,” would be the catchphrase.

The WireDoo project has been in the making for two years now and will offer users a “deep search” ability (as opposed to … whatever Google offers).

Hammer explains that the search supplies not just direct results, but info on possibly related topics. Its tagline is, “Search once and see what’s related.”

“It’s about relationships beyond keywords,” Hammer said, according to Mashable.

WireDoo is currently still in pre-beta and letting people sign up to test the search engine when a beta release is ready, so it’s officially launched. Yet.

Try to contain your excitement in the meantime, and think of your best MC Hammer / search engine joke. 2 Legit 2 … Search Only Keywords? #FAIL