Did Queen Elizabeth Nix Kate Middleton Vogue Shoot?

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Rumors of Kate Middleton covering Vogue magazine ran rampant last month, but the photo shoot never materialized. Was Queen Elizabeth II responsible for that?

Yes and no. The Queen never said anything, but she didn't have to.

Palace insiders say Kate Middleton knows HM would be far from pleased about the Duchess dressing up in haute couture just so Anna Wintour could cash in.

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Kate is Great

"Kate is keenly conscious that while her new grandmother-in-law may not chide her for appearing on a Vogue cover. But she would definitely not be amused," said a source.

"Her Majesty is a genius at making people squirm with simply a look or a 'tut, tut.' "

The royal source went on to add that while Kate Middleton and Prince William are free to be interviewed or photographed by whomever they choose, they are trying to downplay the self-promotion of Kate as a fashion or style icon.

"They are flattered by the attention but tat's not what they are about and they take their royal duties far too seriously to, in one sense, trivialize them," said the insider.

Kate may be a princess under pressure, but so far, she's handled it superbly.

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People Kate does not want to attacked like Diana was a slow assent into the public eye is a smart move. The royal family may be trying to protect this future queen. Think of this as Diana's gift to her daughter-in-law


To begin with, I TOTALLY agree with allsaints45...Queen Elizabeth is THE GRANDMOTHER-IN-LAW FROM HELL!!!!! If that old prudish-looking prune Q.E. EVER tried to control me like that, I would tell her to (1) get a life, (2) go jump in a freezing and cold lake and (most of all) (3) FUCK OFF!!!!! Also, I have a strange feeling that Q.E. is full of hatin' JEALOUSY of the beautiful, classy and down-to-earth Kate because Q.E. herself is no longer a beauty. I can ONLY IMAGINE what tell-all books the rest of the Royal Family themselves are gonna write about once Q.E. and her bullying and PLAYA husband Prince Phillip are dead and buried!!! Kate, sweetheart, you are a MUCH NEEDED breath of fresh air in that stuffy Royal Family!!! Most of all, DON'T put up with any of their crap!!! PERIOD!!!


alos catherine is not a princess, in england you only become a princess if the queen bestows that on you, the only reason diana was a princess was she married the prince of wales, when william is the prince of wales then catherine will be princess. until then its dutchess. I bet when catherine is queen you will be calling her mother the quuen mother, wrong! the queen mother is someone who has been queen, and is the mother of the current king/queen!


what if she doesn't want to do it, anyone thought about what she thinks, she isnt a celebrity so why should she want to promote herself like that.




I'm not trying to be disrespectful or anything and idk how things in England Royalty work in regards to publicity but I would like to see a cover of her. She's not like all celeb women, shes natuarly beautiful, inteligent, and I agree she has class. I think it would be a good example to All girls and women to see such a descent young woman on a cover instead of the slutty, scandal filled celebs. I think it would be a positive experiance I mean it's not like shes posing nude for Playboy... No then that would be disrespectful.


Give me a break! The Queen is old school and can't understand the new age. Kate is beautiful and classy. The old woman is jealous it's not her probably. LOL Go Princess!!!


A real queen only poses for magazine for her minnions to watch when it comes to saving humanity. The grandma queen is absolutely correct.


Why do you call The Queen, HRM? If you wanted to look like you knew what you were doing, you would have called her HM (Her Majesty), not HRM (??????). There is no such thing as HRM in the UK.

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