Britney Spears: Does Our Girl Still Have It?

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Pop icon Britney Spears is making headlines all over the world for her recent songs, music videos and Femme Fatale tour, but not all of them are positive.

Her trademark scandalous, skimpy costumes have earned harsh criticism from some, while her devoted fans continue to flock to the singer's every show.

One thing's for sure: This is not the Britney Spears of old.

Lacy Britney Spears

The pop icon kicked off the UK leg of her tour in London Thursday night, showing off her ample, womanly curves in sexy bras, panties, leotards, etc.

The 29-year-old chanteuse, whose weight has fluctuated in recent years, is not shy about flaunting a slightly healthier midsection and ... other attributes.

But is she phoning it in these days? The Daily Mail reported that Britney’s ticket sales have been sluggish and that her lip synced performance at the O2 arena “lacked soul” and that there was “no real interaction between the singer and her fans.”

Does Britney Spears still have it?

Britney Spears Caged in Concert
Britney Spears in Lingerie
Britney Bikini Concert Pic
Hot Britney Bikini Pic
Hot Britney Spears Bikini Photo
Britney in Black
Jaan black

...she hasn't "had it" since 2003

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People get real...i am a Brit Brit fan...and she has issues...but to do what she is doing night after night is tough...people who talk shit are people who r not fuck off, and keep ur mouths shut...


L.O.L @Duh it's trolls like you that amuse me. Why use some pop culture reference, which by the way was the WORST movie ever made, to support your pointless argument, all that proves is that you have no real evidence. People who can't spell/choose not to spell correctly are not idiots nor dumb, just adjusting to our ever changing English language. Which you would also realize if you stepped outside and interacted with real people. Good try but it's a D- for your efforts

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Britney needs to take 3 years off to focus on preserving her beauty. In 3 years she can come out and sing about her experience of being a blonde songbird in her early 30's. Fame is like sex appeal. If you exhaust your sex appeals, you won't have much when you become an elderly person and without sex appeal ( or healthy skin on your face and neck), it's hard to be high in fame.


I love Britney, but I think it would be really good for her to take some time off to really get better. I don't know if she wants to keep doing this with the two little kids at home, because she seems like her heart is not in it anymore. I would totally understand if she wanted to just concentrate on her kids more. But I also understand how much pressure she must be under to keep churning out the music and the shows, and show everyone that she's still with it after her meltdown. I don't think I'd know what to do if I was her.


Good god. l. Disappear...two ps. Don't any of you idiotards have spell check? Try reading a newspaper or a book, any book, before dwelling on celeb gossip sites. Watch the movie "Idiocracy" and realize with me that it's already happening, it won't take 500 years.


I've never been a big Brit fan but I think she looks great in that picture ... However, I don't buy her cds. I doubt I'd go to her concert.


I think shes doing well in her concerts

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MTV has long played an important role in my career. How can I not be there to kick off their 25th VMAs?

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