Britney Spears Music Video Stills: Too Hot For YouTube!

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With overt sexuality reminiscent of her days of yore and some gun violence to boot, Britney Spears' "Criminal" music video is being red flagged all over the Internet.

She's already been criticized by various groups for the armed robbery scene, and you can bet that the domestic violence at the beginning will spark more debate.

And then there's the shower sex. With her boyfriend, Jason Trawick.

All we can say is the PTC is going to have a field day cranking out letters about this one, and YouTube may have to hire more moderators to field the complaints.

Follow the above link to see the video in its sexy glory. Then click to enlarge some of the steamiest Britney Spears pictures from her "Criminal" video below:

Britney Spears Lingerie Pic
Britney Spears, Gun
Steamy Scene
Jason Trawick and Britney Spears Nude
Britney Spears Shower Sex Scene
Perfume Plug
Jason Trawick and Britney Spears Music Video Pic

This may be provocative in the states but I think she may be looking for a different market. It's a good video and she can clearly still dance and maintain her body. But it's going to probably be cleaned up so it will be able to get some airtime here in the U.S. but like many other stars today, they realize their is a lot of money to be made abroad.


shes still hot and we all still love her music, criminal is still a cool song she has my vote. no more violence then the other singers, but because its britney they say to much violence and run it to the ground. DONT THINK SO AT ALL.


luv luv luv that clip go brittany:)


she is still hot, i support her


my aura: YOU SUCK


Simon U Suck


hey idiot simon video is awesome there is no comparision of gaga and britney Britney is best


Wow. she took some parts of JUdas and some stuff like You and I. BINGO girl!

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