Vinny Guadagnino to Guest Star on 90210

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Jersey Shore‘s Vinny Guadagnino has signed on to guest star in an episode of the CW's 90210, and incredibly, the reality star will not be playing himself!

Yes, this is like a real acting role.

Tells you a lot about 90210, but hey, good for him. Guadagnino will reportedly play a "celebrity" involved in a high-stakes poker game with Liam (Matt Lanter).

A Guadagnino Photo

Vinny shows off his serious side.

Look for Vinny to appear during November sweeps. You know, when shows bring out the really big guns in an attempt to pull in ratings and big ad money.

A little GTL and PFC can only help.



idk i like jersey shore and 90210 but y vinny he sux i would have rather any1 else from jersey shore hes just kinda lame if u ask me

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