Regis Philbin to Retire November 18

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It's official. November 18, 2011 will the final Live with Regis and Kelly.

The last with 80-year-old Regis Philbin at the helm, anyway. They could keep his name in the title, although that would just be plain misleading.

As for who will step in for Reg, who has made his intentions of stepping down clear for months now, no one seems to have the slightest idea.

Regis Philbin Image

Regis is outta here in a little more than two months.

Everyone from Dancing with the Stars alum Psycho Mike Catherwood to Survivor host Jeff Probst and Howie Mandel have been mentioned.

What do you think: Who should replace Regis?


Mike Catherwood! C-mon guys. Where's the love? This guy is young, he's got personality, and chemistry with Kelly. He'll make the show fresh again.


I like Marc as a fill-in but husband wife team will not last...a big mistake. We love Kelly. She is a ball of energy but needs to be grounded at times; she rambles on and can be overpowering with the audience and guests. I won't not be in a hurry to find a replacement for Regis. Still call it the Regis and Kelly show until you find a well seasoned host. Marc would be a great fill in for the rest of the year to create a great family holiday season. Then use a variety of host until you find a great host that will stand the test of time like Regis. I do like Seacrest, no Gifford or Mandel, they are wrong for the show.