Mike Myers, Kelly Tisdale Welcome First Child!

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Mike Myers and his wife Kelly Tisdale have welcomed their first child, a boy named Spike. Now there's a groovy name if ever there were one.

The couple is “ecstatic” with their new addition, says his rep.

The Austin Powers actor and his wife, who tied the knot last fall, confirmed their wedding in March and pregnancy in May. She co-owns a Big Apple cafe and began dating Myers for more than four years before they got engaged.

Mike Myers, Kelly Tisdale

Congratulations to the whole, expanding family!


Yikes.....sex in Hollywood! Who woulda thunk it!?


Come on mike we need another goldmember one of the best comedies ever (DO ANOTHER ONE MIKE )CONGRATS TO YOU AND YOUR WIFE WITH YOUR FIRST CHILD


for petes sake calling the baby Spike is ridiculous what kind of name is that its for a hedgehog or a dog, not a child. Its as bad as apple. These people are nuts why not give him a regular MATURE name and you
can call him Spike (if you must) as a nickname.

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