Look What Justin Bieber Did for Selena Gomez

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Justin Bieber might be a keeper.

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    Awwww how romantic xxxxxxx
    I luv Jelena but most of all I luv xxJustin Bieberxx

    All of u haters better shut up if u dnt have anything nice to say nd use r just jealous!!!!!

    Did u know tht beliebers r TRUE beliebers and h8ters r beliebers? Becoz they spend so much of their time searching justin bieber up xxxx

    Cute couple but now they aren't together hope they will get bk wiv each other SOON !xxxx!xxxx!


    Awwww how romantic xxxxx
    I luv Jelena but most of all I luv x


    I'm so proud of selena because this is the longest she has ever kept a guy around she is so perfect for Justin u know he loves her but I think things went to quick in the beginning because she lied about there relasionship even thougth. They look good together.she dating so many. Guys but all she was doing was looking for the right guy so all u people stop talking about she is a slut because no one will like u because u talk about people are slut u are a slut


    Yo u guys stop talking bad about selena and justin if they want to life happy let them be its not your life its theirs so shut up what if that was u would u like that trash no right they r happy so let them be


    If you dont like em why u looking them up! Huh? I LOVE THEM BOTH! They an amazing couple


    i hate both of them they both suck dick and pussy they think that they all thst but they not and selena is a tramp her teeth push out and curve like spongebob.and justin he think that he pretty boy boy u mabe sexy but NOT THAT sexy and don't know how to chose BITCHES,I BET 5 SHE GAVE U BLOW JOB CAUSE THATS ALL SHE DO TO BOYS AND GIRLS AND SELENA HE IS NOT THAT CUTE COME HIM REALLY U STUIP I MEAN EVEN IF U TO DIDN'T GO TOGETHER I STILL WOULD NOT LIKE AND I DON'T HAVE TO BE FAMOUS TO SAY THIS SHIT IF I WAS I COULD SAY IT TO THERE FACES.


    selena you are damn cute and i really wanna see u ,u r goddess of beauty and i love u so
    stay beautiful


    fuck justin!!!
    he is an asshole
    he even dosn't have a dick!!
    he is 18 but he looks like 9 year old guy.


    JB was really stupid, do not get good time Indonesia was the country say "middle of Nowhere".,.
    Just so the artist via YOUTUBE.,
    JB is an idiot.,.
    you bastard JB


    I think personally selena Gomez is a big asa slutttttttttttt she sleeps with every guy lil nick and Taylor painter and etc I don't lik ha :( and as for Justin i don't lin him either he a lil hitch and they let him hag that stadium free I wild hag made him pay who the fuck is he nobody he shuld pay I don't care if hes famous!!!!!!! That Dick head

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