Jaycee Dugard Files Lawsuit Against Federal Government

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Jaycee Dugard has filed a lawsuit against the federal government.

In the documents, the 31-year old who was held captive for 18 years by Phillip Garrido says authorities should have been monitoring this monster cloer, following his parole after serving time in jail for rape.

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The failings on the part of federal agents to keep an eye on Garrido's home - where he imprisoned and raped Dugard, fathering two children with the teen during her time under his control - was "outrageous and inexcusable" reads the lawsuit.

Dugard is suing for an undisclosed amount and plans to donate 100 percent of all she received to the nonprofit organization she founded, The JAYC Foundation, Inc., which helps abduction victims and their families.

In June, Garrido and his wife were sentenced to multiple life sentences after pleading guilty to the incomprehensible crime.

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Read my blog - I read the book. Other kidnapped victims went through worse for less years and escaped and tried to escape. She should never keep those kids - they should be separated in my opinion - she will resent them soon - kids of her rapist. Not a good thing - she should take that money and go get an education - fundraisers for her foundation and she'll make money but not on the backs of a financially strapped nation. We can't afford to take care of everyone and that's a fact. She has to learn to grow up and work for a living and stop depending on government handouts. Her psych is for free btw.


i heard somewhere that founders of non profits organizations actually are allowed to keep 50% of the profits. Or some crazy numbr like that.




I wonder if some of you realize the tons of counseling both she and her daughters will have to receive (at great cost), much of which may not help because of the deprivation they lived with. Her daughters never went to school, never went to doctors, never received immunizations, never socialized with anything resembling a peer group. In many terms, they're like people from another planet having no experience at dealing with life and other people in general. How long do you think that will take to fix? How much do you think it will cost to fix it? Personally, I doubt it will ever be fixed, no matter how much $$$ is thrown at it, but this is the best Jaycee can do for herself and her daughters. It's not like they ever received any kind of schooling that would prepare them for the work force. What choice do they have to survive?


I don't blame her. The authorities were so close to finding her on more than one occasion, and failed to go that one step closer. Their laxness on this is amazing and disgusting to me. As for those wondering why she's suing, it's to make a point, to reveal the failings in the system and to hopefully get those shortcomings changed so no child ever has to suffer what she did in the future. I commend her.


Jaycee has already received 10 million from the State of California. How is the Federal Goverment liable?


I read it and I believe she deserves every dime she gets. Criminals like this ran around for years and an innocent man was just put to death. I do not care what the issue is, I will always refer it back to Troys death until we realize how crocked the justice system is.


wish jaycee all the best x


Read her book. WOW what that poor girl went thru!