Fernando Flores Still Hammering Britney Spears With Lawsuit, Child Abuse Claims

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Fernando Flores really needs to give it up.

Britney Spears' former bodyguard is still suing her, insisting he was sexually harassed by the singer, who he claims “deliberately and recklessly” fed her sons shellfish despite known allergies, landing them in the hospital.

Seriously, dude wants $10 million for this.

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Britney Spears Wrapped Tight

“Despite the fact that Spears, Plaintiff and the children’s nanny all knew they had serious, even life threatening food allergies to seafood, Spears deliberately and recklessly fed her children, Preston and Jayden, crabmeat,” Flores wrote in legal papers.

“When both boys started vomiting, Spears explicitly prevented Plaintiff and the children’s nanny from seeking medical care for the two children.”

When Fernando Flores admonished Spears after the incident, which he claims took place sometime last year, she said: “Mind your own f**king business!”

The 29-year-old then allegedly said: “If he (Flores) doesn’t like it he can f**king leave. I’ll do it again if it bothers him so much; they’re my kids.”

In another incident, ex-cop Flores recalled Spears “seldom supervising or interacting with the children” and showing “favoritism” to Jayden.

And that's not all. Not by any means.

He stormed out of her Calabasas, Calif., mansion after a nude Britney Spears allegedly bent over in a short nightie and bared all in front of him.

Talk about being harassed! Poor guy. *Tear*

When he rejected her naked come-on during a Saturday shift, foulmouthed Spears supposedly snapped, “What are you, a f**king f**got?”

Flores also detailed how he witnessed Spears and her boyfriend - believed to be longtime beau Jason Trawick - having “violent quarrels” in which Spears would yell “F**k You!” and “Get the f**k outta my house!”

You buying any of this? No hands? Anyone?

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Fernando, if you were to play an Angel, the whole characterisation stuff would be completely unneccessary..


"Brit could set an example to her children that it is bad what Brit does" That's one of the dummest and most retarded arguments I've ever read in my life. O_o How old are you, sweetheart? Thirteen? And are you really that DUMB or do you just act like one?
Gawd, this world makes me SICK!!!!


SHUT UP YOU RETARD!!!! IF your own freakin daughter had to go through this hell I truly doubt you would call her a gold digger or laugh her away, noooo you would take her side and sue the shit out of her opressor, that's right!!! And lay off Fernando, he and his lawyer are still fighting in this case, and I hope they will be paid a ton of cash they truly deserve it, another thing have you already forgotten about those X rated pics she sent him on the mobile phone, you stupid fack?! That's what you call a real smoking gun! And Ferni said he could prove those pics were sent directly from BS
s mobile phone to his own, take that you sucker!!! And think twice before you post such bullshit! KOLEJNA PUSTA IDIOTKA!!! WAL SIE!!!! Fernando, just ignore those retards and keep going!!!! Keep gooooooing, keep your chin up, and stand up for your principles, I know its hard but I also know, you can do it, Honey! I'm always with you!!!!




If Britney say F***ing Get out of My house, then get out and never come back .That's so simple .Anyway @Iroto ,Brit could set an example to her children that it is bad what Brit does so we don't know if she is setting exapmles ,or not and just being her slut self,Hey I say brit is my soul ,but even though she is slut,just like with Justin B., I hate because he is super duper Gay,I still like his music.


Come on , both r inecent ,1 retard guy , 1 women with her 2 children ,peeps who say ferni is GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and peeps who say britney love having 2 children and protect them. Anyway,Ferni is a homeless LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Put me on the jury and Ferni is a win all the way. Talk about a double standard. Who wants to see Brit's nasty body parts at this point anyway? 10 mil. Is that all? I heard her dad got like 5 mil just for being her dad. And by the way Holly Wood Gossip, who paid you off to write this? I'm going to check out the other sites.


I agree!!! I hope Ferni sues the shit out of slut Britney!!! She is so disgusting and filthy she doesn't even wear underwear half the time!!!! She can not even sing and has no brains she is so fucking worthless!!!


Exactly!!!! Stay strong Ferni, we're with You, man! Those fockin fan - jerks (especially those idiots from Exhale page) should BURN IN HELL FOR EVER!!! I hate them so much!!! You say one frigging word against Ferni, Imgonna kick your arse, douches!!!!! All you can do is call him names and insult him but GOD will punish your arses for that! If Ferni ever bumped against any of you on the street I'm sure he would puke his guts out, poor thing!!!!!!
You've got NOTHING on this Man! I wanna see your ugly faces distorted in a WTF?!! O.O kind of a grimace when the judge calls Ferni the winner.
Bwahahah! So s crew you, losers!!! your parents must be so ashamed of ya all, deergh! I really feel sorry for them


Go Ferni Go Ferni! Go Ferni !!!!! Sue that filthy piece of shit!!!!

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