Fernando Flores was a bodyguard for Britney Spears until he resigned his post in June 2010. Or got fired. It's unclear which. But he made...

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Britney Spears has closed the book on another chapter of her life she'd just as soon forget ever happened - she settled with former bodyguard Fernando Flores, who'd been battling Britney over sexual harassment allegations for years.

Flores claimed he saw Britney Spears nude a lot, and that she abused her kids.

According to court documents, Spears and Flores have settled his lawsuit.

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Flores alleged that Spears would intentionally drop a cigarette lighter in his presence, then bend over to pick it up, "thereby exposing her uncovered genitals."

Then the clown turns around and sues her for this privilege. What a country.

Spears adamantly denies all of the allegations - in particular that she mistreated sons Sean and Jayden - but still paid a modest amount to settle the case.

Britney is still under conservatorship due to an unnamed medical issue, so the deal will have to be approved by a probate court, but that's just a formality.

Good that she got this out of the way before X Factor stars tomorrow.

In other news ... check out Britney Spears' Gangnam style dance.

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Britney Spears has settled a lawsuit filed by Fernando Flores, the one-time bodyguard who accused her of coming onto him, emotionally abusing him and so forth.

Flores, a bodyguard who worked for her for a very short time during her "dark" period, said Britney is a wild, sex-crazed maniac who flashed him and then some.

Sources close to Britney have always said the lawsuit is BS, that he worked for her for about 15 minutes, and that he's just trying to extort the star for money.

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Nonetheless, Britney and her camp decided to end the lawsuit after going before a private mediator, rather than face a longer battle, and it's officially closed.

As for whether Britney paid Flores any money to drop the lawsuit, no one is talking and no one will, as the terms of the settlement are extremely confidential.

In addition to claiming he saw - and shot down - Britney Spears nude, Flores also said she was the worst parent in history to little Sean and Jayden Federline.

How he would deserve money from it is unclear, but he said she “deliberately, recklessly” fed her sons shellfish despite known allergies, hospitalizing them.

Flores also detailed how he witnessed Spears and her boyfriend - believed to be longtime beau (and current fiance) Jason Trawick - having “violent quarrels.”

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Fernando Flores really needs to give it up.

Britney Spears' former bodyguard is still suing her, insisting he was sexually harassed by the singer, who he claims “deliberately and recklessly” fed her sons shellfish despite known allergies, landing them in the hospital.

Seriously, dude wants $10 million for this.

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“Despite the fact that Spears, Plaintiff and the children’s nanny all knew they had serious, even life threatening food allergies to seafood, Spears deliberately and recklessly fed her children, Preston and Jayden, crabmeat,” Flores wrote in legal papers.

“When both boys started vomiting, Spears explicitly prevented Plaintiff and the children’s nanny from seeking medical care for the two children.”

When Fernando Flores admonished Spears after the incident, which he claims took place sometime last year, she said: “Mind your own f**king business!”

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Fernando Flores, the former bodyguard of Britney Spears, is still suing her for sexual harassment - and claims he has the nude pictures to prove his claims!

At the height of her emotional breakdown in 2007-08, Flores worked for Brit, and accuses her of abusing her kids and subjecting him to "relentless flirting."

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In fact, Fernando says it wasn’t uncommon for the “Till The World Ends” singer to try to "lure him to her lair" when other employees’ heads were turned.

Fernando Flores claims he's got pics a lot hotter than this!

The star has denied his claims and threatened to countersue. But Fernando has not backed down, and says he may even up the ante in this legal/PR fight.

He's reportedly been blabbing to pals about plans to use “filthy” pics Spears texted to him in an attempt to win a multimillion dollar judgement against her.

“They are really explicit images that will shock and disgust the majority of her fans,” said a friend who claims to have seen Flores' Britney Spears pictures.

The minority of her fans may be turned on, however.

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Britney Spears lost her first legal ruling in the lawsuit filed against her by former bodyguard Fernando Flores, but it was mostly a logistical issue.

A judge ruled against Britney's bid to have that lawsuit consolidated under the conservatorship run by her father, which still governs the pop singer.

Fernando Flores' case will instead be fought in Los Angeles Superior Court.

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The judge handling Britney’s conservatorship will not hear the case. Spears motion to consolidate the lawsuit under the conservatorship was denied.

The star's camp felt it would be advantageous to have the case heard in that setting, although the exact reasons are unclear. In any event, it failed.

Flores' allegations against the pop star include that he saw her strike her two children, and that she saw Britney Spears nude parading around a lot.

Spears' camp has denied the claims. Last week, another story surfaced alleging that she was abused by Jason Trawick. This was denounced as well.

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Britney Spears' handlers are asking a judge to protect her from a "shake down" by a former bodyguard who they believe could put the pop singer in danger.

Fernando Flores, a who claims the pop star sexually harassed him by, among other things, walking around her home naked, poses a threat to her, they say.

The risk is less about potential physical harm than the information he has. Flores is looking to have the case tried in civil court, which troubles Team Spears.

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Britney's conservators are concerned that Flores will use the public forum to release private information about the eccentric celebrity to extort a settlement.

In new legal docs filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Britney's camp has asked the judge to move the case to a probate court in order to keep it private.

The conservators also say, "There is a real possibility that Ms. Spears will be exposed to danger by the release of confidential and personal information."

It's unclear what this dude's problem is. What's the big deal, Fernando? When any other guys see Britney Spears nude, their first instinct is to whip out something besides a cell phone to call their lawyer. Sexual harassment? Please.

Do you believe Fernando Flores' allegations?


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In his lawsuit against Britney Spears, Fernando Flores alleges that the singer does some inappropriate things in front of her children while on her back.

Now, the pop star is out to prove that she will NOT simply lie down in the face of what she considers to be defamatory lies.

Ohh, Baby, Baby

Do you really wanna see this face in court, Fernando Flores?

A source tells The Chicago-Sun Times that Britney is considering a counter lawsuit against her former bodyguard, something Kevin Federline is actually encouraging. Said the insider:

"Kevin told Britney she should do it and she strongly agreed that winning this case and forcing Flores to pay - big time - may help quash other future nuisance lawsuits against celebrities. Like the ones you often see filed by disgruntled, fired ex-employees - like nannies, housekeepers, drivers and bodyguards."

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Britney Spears says he's just after money and fame, while public opinion doesn't appear to be on his side.

But Fernando Flores doesn't care.

Bang a Gong, Get it On

The former bodyguard who has sued the pop star for harassment and abuse is standing by his story. In a video posted on TMZ, Flores he is "standing up for what I believe is right."

Standing outside his attorney's office in Orange County, Flores shrugged off Britney's response to his claims and said to her camp: "If that's what they think, then that's what they think."

He also said he's praying for the singer. Watch the video now at TMZ.

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Britney Spears has responded to Fernando Flores.

In a lawsuit filed yesterday, the pop star's former bodyguard makes a series of outrageous claims, alleging that Britney would often expose herself to him and, in an even more damaging assertion, that she abused her kids with a belt.

Blinded By Britney

While employed, Fernando Flores (background) spent a great deal of time around Britney Spears. He would argue this is a rare instance when her clothes remained on.

In a statement posted on her official website, Spears spoke through her representative and said:

This lawsuit is another unfortunate situation where someone is trying to take advantage of the Spears family and make a name for himself.  The Department of Children and Family Services conducted a proper investigation surrounding Mr. Flores' accusations and have closed the case without any further action. Ms. Spears and her attorneys have every expectation that this matter will be dismissed by the courts.

What do you think, readers? Do you believe Flores?


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Inappropriate nudity. Unwanted sexual advances. Multiple types of child abuse.

In a lawsuit filed this week against Britney Spears, former bodyguard Fernando Flores makes a handful of serious allegations. He paints the pop star as an unfit, mentally unbalanced woman.

Brit in a Bikini

Even the most loyal Britney supporter must admit that the artist has had her share of problems and made a few poor decisions along the way.

But loud sex in earshot of her kids? Force feeding them food to which they're allergic? Hitting her son with a belt? These are damning accusations, which prompt us to ask a simple question of readers: Do you believe Fernando Flores?


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