Fernando Flores Sues Britney Spears for Sexual Harassment

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Bodyguard Fernando Flores has filed a lawsuit against Britney Spears, accusing the singer of some wild, lewd behavior.

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    For a young woman with little to no talent to speak of, Brit has made some serious money. Brit also has some serious problems, and that's all it is. If this fella thought he might make some $$$$from her, we'll see. And at this point, how cares !!! She's a has-been, coulda-been and wasn't. Did you see her career? You gotta be sharp, it passed at the speed of light. Now what's she gonna do to make a living? Oh yes, with a whole lot of help, she's going to write a book. About what ..... she sure isn't interesting. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha go away Brit.


    She is a hillbilly and this guy is seeing an easy mark, an easy payday from Brit!!! Who is he, mister magnificent, maybe he just don't like hicks??


    Hey Fernando! Why aren't you MAN enough to take a woman's sexual harassment?

    Isn't that every guy's dream to be sexually harass by beautiful women???


    This guy is a freaking liar really does anyone believe that Kevin Federline or even her dad or mom is going to let her injure her own children?. The papparazzi I'am sure would have taken pictures of their injuries by now.I think the allergy one is a crap because they would have gotten really sick and the Dr's would have reported it this guy is either gay or he's disgruntled because Britney isn't paying attention to him.Britney is trying to get beter she looks good here like Marilyn so why are they trashing her and her looks she looks like a lost little girl people just keep stepping on her.


    When you are at the top, everyone wants a piece of the action! I guess that comes with the job. You can hate her, try to beat her,if not you might as well join her. It is hard to bring a GOOD women down! Go BRITNEY and team!;)


    This so called body guard is either GAY or he himself was turned down by Britney! You can called her a skank, whore, nuts or what ever... I will marry you Britney.. email me!!


    She is mentally ill and flashed the world a few years ago. So Nu?


    The security guard know how females in the rock star world live.It was his chose to apply for the job.I think that he applied for the job thinking that he could hit those yams.And he found out that the rock star life is not real,and women flirt more than they give it up


    If he was so disgusted why did it take him so long to quit the job and file a law suit. Obviously he was out to pick someone's pocket and Brittany,s pocket seemed to be an easy one. All in all, this stupid guy has just ruined his own reputation.


    britney is very cute she was very yong when she started singing she has a health problem now she's taking medication to help herself she did bad things every one does but she needed help and she got it so leave her alone she needs to rest do not stalk her britney it hurts to see you treated badley please stay away from the press your a very cute women take care feel good stay close to your kids they need you please be carefull

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