Casey Anthony Seeing Shrink, Grief Counselor

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Her parents may still be divided over her guilt, but no one disputes that whatever happened in 2008, this is one seriously messed up individual.

Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, said she would seek psychological treatment as soon as she was a free woman. Looks like that was doubly true.

Sources close to Anthony says that the acquitted murder suspect has been seeing a grief counselor and will soon see a female psychiatrist to boot.

"She needs serious help," says the source. "We'll see what this will do."

Casey Cries

Casey Anthony needs more than counseling. But it can't hurt.

Anthony has been traveling extensively since her acquittal, likely in an attempt to keep her whereabouts a mystery amid serious death threats. She is now back in Florida while she serves a one-year probation on a check fraud case.

Baez said that Anthony needed treatment for the trauma of losing her child and her subsequent incarceration for the better part of three years.

Yesterday, she was ordered to pay nearly $100,000 for misleading law enforcement officials in their efforts to locate missing daughter Caylee.


Sorry I meant "RANK"


Rant- whaaa??
Razzle- you said it all ;)


back off ...she has had too much already,,,i have seen girls all over raising hell..stil think father did this to her ...some dads make good liars........




I am sick of hearing that Case Anthony was a loving, caring and good Mother. The irresponsible spoiled brat did not work for two years. She dumped Caylee in the hands of grandma (who really did work full time)and grandpa while she went off galavanting God only knows where.
A REAL Loving Mother would call 911 immediately if her child was harmed or God forbid died accidently . I agree, she has not showed any remorse or gief over Caylees death, I cried for 2 weeks straight when I lost my 3 year old dog!!!!!!!!!!!


I mean seriously guys lay of her. I know she did some bad stuff. But who are we to judge. Yea we can pray and sign petitions that would give her longer jail time but criticizing her. That just goes to show that you guys can stoop down to her level.


I know that She deff. could of done what everyone said She did but Has anyone thought her bad life style with the People She got invovled with Have anything to do with why Shes` so slient about what happend to Her Baby? Just a Theory but most likely She was invovled ! Sad. atleast She can try to get some help.


At no time has Ms. Anthony shown so much as a trace of remorse, which begs the redundant question regarding this horrific little monstrosity; who is footing the bill for this useless dalliance? All this facetious little girl has displayed is an spectral inability to mentally comprehend the gravity of her crime; The Murder Of Caylee. As if this farcical attempt to humanize her was not enough, additional counseling is being offered up because she was incarcerated for three years? Really? I have *never* heard of a felon being released from prison after twice, thrice or even ten times what of this skewed and demented runt of a Pollyanna spent imprisoned. She turns my stomach. Where was the counseling for Caylee? Where is the outpouring of professional help for Caylee? Who supported Caylee without concern for cost to tax payers? Sterilize this savage. She is undeserving, of any support.


I guess I am the only person on the planet that actually does feel sorry for Casey. It is entirely likely that her child died due to some kind of neclect or an accidental overdose. I think she really loved her child and is suffering greatly knowing she was responsible. Her sick mind didn't know what to do the 31 days before it was reported and she now has that to live with too.
She is paying the price for being a totally irreponsible very young woman. I hope one day she can be forgiven.


CONVICTED FELON, SKANK, BABY KILLER, CASEY ANTHONY doesn't need a grief counselor. It's all BS put out there by Jose Bozo and Foghorn Mason, with enabling, lying mother SINdy probably helping out too. Casey murdered her daughter, it's that simple. Forget all the nonsense BS excuses made by SINdy on Dr. Phil. I never heard such c*ap in my life. Per SINdy, it may have been a tumor, seizure,or post-partum schizophrenia that caused her POS daughter to let Caylee drown in the pool. No evidence the baby drowned, no evidence of this momster Casey ever having a seizure, tumor or whatever else SINdy wants to spew. Don't ever contribue a penney to the Anthony's or CONVICTED FELON, SKANK, BABY KILLER CASEY ANTHONY. It's clear it's all about how much $$$ they can make off of their dead granddaughter/daughter. Sick, twisted family. As one talking head said, you don't have a daughter like Casey Anthony, if you are a "normal" family. So true!!!