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Tareq Salahi says he’s had it with wife Michaele’s betrayal and will be divorcing her. You can’t take anything he says at face value, but who could blame him.

As we reported yesterday, a crushed Tareq says he was blindsided by Michaele’s affair with Neal Schon of Journey fame – and a new video is the final straw.

A video he shot, featuring Michaele and Neal kissing, playfully, over Labor Day. All while Tareq watched, oblivious to the long-term affair going on. Brutal.

Michaele can go ahead and pack her bags … wait, she already did.

Tareq is telling friends he can never trust Michaele Salahi (a realization some of us came to long ago) and will never take that hoe back, no matter what.

He feels she’ll eventually tire of her special Journey and try to come home. Nevertheless, the divorce is on like Neal’s schlong … which strangely made its way into his divorce filing. Really. We cannot make this stuff up.

According to Tareq’s divorce papers, adultery and abandonment are the reasons for the divorce. And this: “The paramour [Neal] sent to my email account … a email with an attachment of a penis” – presumably his.

Tareq blasts his wife, claiming:

“She continually exposes our friends and acquaintances to her adulterous relationship and has flaunted it throughout the community, the nation and the world, and thus caused me to suffer great harm, humiliation and embarrassment.”

The nation and world? We feel bad for you dude, but come on now.

Tareq says his wife’s been boninh Schon “for a period of months.”

The locks on the homestead and winery have already been changed, so Tareq is clearly moving forward with plans to divorce his cheating spouse.

Looks like he did stop believing after awhile. Sorry, we couldn’t resist. On a related note, wonder if Michaele rocks out to this while nailing Neal …

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