Anderson Cooper Ridicules Kate Gosselin Over Pizza Tirade

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CNN's Anderson Cooper weighed in on some recent misbehavior by Kate Gosselin last night, and, well, it was certainly worthy of The Ridiculist.

On Monday's episode of Kate Plus 8, which has been mercifully canceled by TLC and ends its run next week, Kate FREAKED over a slice of pizza.

Like, for real freaked.

On a cross-country trip with her kids, a babysitter and bodyguard Steve Neild, Kate lost her $h!t on nanny Ashley for not saving Steve the final slice.

Cooper found Gosselin ridiculous - and didn't hold back.

"It is a cautionary tale," he said last night. "If you somehow, against all odds, find a woman who's willing to help you take eight kids on a cross-country road trip, for goodness sake, let her divide the pizza any way she wants."

It got worse.

After Kate Gosselin demanded that her eight children "eat salads" and give Steve the final slice of pizza, one of the children handed it to him.

"That's disgusting!" she screamed. "Why didn't you wrap it in foil?"

Cooper then quipped: "Middle-aged bodyguards can get pretty cranky if their routine is thrown off: You know, lunch, juice box, pinkie, nap."

The babysitter quit, unable to take another minute of Kate, who was left alone with Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel.

And Steve Neild, who she may or may not be sleeping with. She seemed awfully fired up about her man getting that piece of pizza. Just saying.

Or she could just be a raging banshee bitch. Who's to say.


Gotta keep his energy up scr$wing that loser money wh@re...


So my kids ate driving me crazy today with constant meltdowns. It is a hot day in Canada. Waiting for rain that has been forecasted for 2 days already. Oh is this supposed to be about Kate? Who cares? Fans do and obsessed people. Let's talk about something else and quit worrying about someone most of us will never even meet.


Kate needs to let her children live with the 19 kids and counting family. They are a nice family and they do not yell at there children. They spend time with there children and teach them values.


the thing that bothers me is that they coipmaln about how hard it is to pay for this and that but when u think about it they have it really easy and they are coipmalning for no reason. they get like 8 FREE trips a year and they are given free things like everyday (hair implants, jackets, bikes, etc ) and they must be making like loads of money because of the show and because of Jon's job. so it bothers me how they r like "we have 8 kids nag nag nag" but they also have all these benefits. a family with 8 young kids like Jon and Kate that doesn't get all that free stuff and money really know the burden of having 8 kids and the financial struggles etc Jon and Kate really dont no wat its like i AM a fan of the show and watch it like everyday but that's something that i noticed that bothers me


BTW no one's kids are perfect and no adult is either. Mady is strong willed and she did deserve to miss the Grand canyon because she was making everyone's life miserable.KP duty will not change her strong willed attitude but maybe missing out on something will remind her that her behavior is unacceptable. In all fairness Kate did not discipline her just because she did not want the cameras to film.Mady's meltdowns because ALL her kids have had meltdowns that have been filmed at one time or another. Your choice of consequences for your kids may not match those of someone else's.Kate has probably had more than her share of Mady's meltdowns. For that I do not blame her for being fed up with that spoiled little brat.


There is no proof that she and Steve Neild were sleeping together and that would be Kate's business and not anyone else's. @ Felicia you need to give it a rest. You are obsessed with hating her and her personal life is really none of your damn business!!! NOTHING you wrote will change Kate. So that said, why keep bitching about her? Don't you have anything better to do?! You sound like a very bitter person. And a whiny brat.


JUST FOR THE RECORD,, SHE IS TOTALLY FUCKING THE BODY GUARD! Did anyone see how she ordered him to talk privately in the trailer, she said not in front of the cameras. Why? everything else is in front of the camera's, its a reality show isnt it, so lets see the reality Kate, whats really going on? You fucking the body guard is the reality. Kate allows what she wants everyone to see, make no mistake. She's disgusting. She was doing that body guard from day one. He's an even bigger asshole to want to be with such a bitch.


@Melanie: Cosigns girl. I know Maddy was acting crabby but I wouldnt have went that far and not let her see the Grand Canyon. Maybe I would have givien her KP duty or something. She just didnt want to take the chance of Maddy acting out in front of the camera's again. That would mean that her kids aren't so perfect after all. TLC cut her off, they couldnt stand her anymore and I think they were realizing the kids were showing signs of dysfunction. Due to the divorce and the show itself. If they left it up to kate she would have TLC around for grandchildren to.


i think the last show was disgusting. i have always stuck up for kate cause i thought jon was a toad. useless. but she was like a spoiled brat on the show.. i wish all my problems were about pizza. but i must say i thought it was really rude the way her "friend" and baby sitter kept talking bad about her to mady & rude. it took them all this time to get disgusted with her ????? funny they didn't quit when they were in florida or some of the other trips. furthermore why is kate pictured with all stars....she was only on a reality show..


It was my understanding the ADULTS were eating salad, and Steve "doesn't eat salads" according to what kate said. Why does she need all those people, AND A BODY GUARD to help her with HER OWN CHILDREN? She kept referring to the 7 almost 8 year olds as "preschoolers", too. WTF? I have eight kids. My husband took a hike when my youngest was 4. I never had help with my kids, and their father never exercised visitation, either. Not for one single day. I didn't even know where he was for 8 years. I worked two jobs. My older kids babysat for the younger ones. So, Kate, you can do it, too. You had a huge head start by making millions, and own a paid for home, so get over yourself and get a mediocre job. You and your kids are NOTHING SPECIAL. We barely even saw anything of the kids on the last 2 years of shows. It was all about you flirthing with every man around and acting like a 12 year old yourself! I hate that woman!

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