Reggie Bush Texting, Pleading for Kim Kardashian Rekonciliation, Tabloid Klaims

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We knew it!!!!

Now that Reggie Bush is making his living in a city often frequented by Kim Kardashian, an insider tells Life & Style that the Dolphins running back wants to try again with his ex, August 20 wedding to Kris Humphries be damned.

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"He's been sending text messages to Kim and leaving her voice mails, telling her she's making a mistake and that he's the one for her," a source says.

Bush may be "begging" Kardashian for another chance, this mole claims, but "she's truly moved on" and is excited topad her bank accountmarry Humphries in just over a week.

But should she be? Or should she get back together with Bush?


I love Kim and whoever she b with, she makes them look good.


Kim you should get back with Reggie you guys made the greatest couple and it made u sad not to even be with out him thats why you married Kris to keep the pain away now I understand that life Reggie is hot and all but girl put on your big girl panties and deal with the stuff i know you can do it dnt listen to what people say i


Americans have had enough of these fugly remade zeros. Boycott the Kartrashians. Sorry QVC and E. The BOTCOTT is on and we are with it too.


Dnt knw wat yall tlking bout


leave the girl alone, all u haters!


Cleary you guys dont watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians....Reggie is begging her and texting and calling..Kim is not a whore and you guys are pathetic to judge someone you dont even know persoanlly.


PaLEASE. Reggie is not the begging type. She was prolly calling and texting him. Leave him alone trick!


dts rubbish. reggie didnt do dt shit bcz kim is a WHORE and A GOLDDIGGER. always lookn for wht to gt from a man. she's a trash.


Reggie Bush should sue Kim Whoredashian not only did she leak their private breakup phone calls on her sad little show she is now dragging his name through the mud making him look even more stupid than he already did for dating this hoe... Reggie dumped Kim twice I seriously believe Kim is still angry that Reggie never proposed to her and she is being forced to marry some docile punk as no other man would marry this vapid p!ssy whore... Reggie sue Kim for all shes got!!!


SERIOUSLY. I dont believe this. And anyone who does should slit their wrists slowly. We all know HE BROKE UP WITH HER. Like come on. NO ONE wants Kim other than her damn family members and that simpleton looking fiance of hers.

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