Reggie Bush Traded to Miami, To Try Again with Kim Kardashian?

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Look out, Kris Humphries. Reggie Bush is coming for your woman! Sort of.

The former New Orleans Saints running back has been traded to the Miami Dolphins for backup safety Jonathon Amaya and handed a new two-year contract worth $10 million. And you know who considers that city a second home, don't you? Who parties all the time at the Fontainebleau and whose family owns a boutique on the beach?

Kim Kardashian.

Former, Sexy Couple

Bush and Kardashian dated for years, but broke up because their schedules kept them apart too often. But that would change with Bush's new team.

Yes, Kim is getting married on August 20. But her reality show seems more desperate than ever for ratings. Wouldn't dumping one athlete for another be the perfect new season storyline?

What do you think? Should Reggie and Kim get back together?


Kim u hv 2 knw wt u wnt nt pple or ur mum hv 2 do dat


its so funny how ppl dog her 4 having no talent,wen majority of reality stars r famous& have ZERO talent. I mean,she got $$,charities, clothing stores,perfumes= clothing line4 BeBe...well i guess i c y yall hating on her!!!& i think her & Kris will work out very well. As far as Bush,press alwayz gotta have a story,this man cant even get traded w/out it being a motive. FYI, Kim& Reggie r done wit each otha so let her have her moment wit her future hubby


kim wont last with kris... she's bound to cheat on him wid another football player. that's her career.


i miss ray j. maybe kim wkoredarshian shld do more of porn movies instead of their meaningless show. dt wld be cool u knw

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