Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter: It's Over!

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She was there to cheer on hit number 3,000. But Minka Kelly won't be around to see if Derek Jeter wins ring number six. The actress' rep has confirmed this couple of three years is over.

"They care about each other and it was amicable. They're still friends," an insider tells People.

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Kelly had been a constant presence in Jeter's family's box at Yankee Stadium all summer long, as the couple dodged engagement rumors for the past year or so. But it's possible her shooting schedule on Charlie's Angels, a new ABC show debuting this fall, simply made the relationship untenable.

Jeter, meanwhile, has recovered on the field after a slow start. His batting average is up to .299. We have a feeling he'll bounce back from Kelly in decent shape, as well. This is a man who has dated Mariah Carey, Jordana Brewster, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Gabrielle Union...


Of course she broke up with him. he and all the others arwe just frons for him. he is gayer than a three dollar bill. he looks it more and more every yeae When he eats at Tony's Rest in NYC, the waiters even comment on him. There is noe secret here.He should be proud of who he is. he is the big shot ivory boy, what's he afraid of. I bet he will eventuallt get married with a solid prenup and havwe kids just to make it look good. the morw people yoy talk to the more agree he is GAY....Even his teammates say it.




Why Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter Split, Reason Here http://ow.ly/6dBHb she used him to boost her career. she looks so fake in all of their pictures. He is a good guy. but he got played here. Good thing he didnt marry. He will find someone some day and I bet she wont be a Celeb or in this case a wanna be.

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