Kieffer Delp, Jenelle Evans' Ex, Cited For Alleged Steak Theft

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Kieffer Delp, the oft-troubled ex of Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans, is often cited as the root of the North Carolina native's emotional and legal problems.

He was also cited for ganking some steaks from a grocery store.

Delp got busted “concealment of goods” for allegedly trying to steal steaks from the Food Lion supermarket in Oak Island, N.C., in late July. Classy.

Kieffer Delp and Jenelle Evans

Seems like everybody's got beef with Kieffer Delp.

A source close to the MTV star says Jenelle Evans' friends and family worry about her mental state whenever she's around this shady character.

"Kieffer is a bad influence on Jenelle," the source says. "She didn't get in any trouble before she met him. It's always because they're hanging out."

Delp, best known for being the guy Jenelle was busted breaking into some house to smoke a blunt with, is due to appear in court on September 12.

His flirting with Britany Truett also led to this insane girl fight.


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Wow HOLD THE FUCK UP I stole steak because jenelle wanted to smoke meth & she didnt have the money to buy it so she was goin to sell the steak to the drug dealer fuck her she put me through hell the bitch wasnt good for shit not even suckin my dick im done with her a.i.d.s ass


she should be with her son n not stealin if some body can get away then should do it coz she lose her son if she disnt shame on her then


he stole steak? Lmao. Wow. Hes cool. Haha


Why would she steal Steak????

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