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Will Jenelle Evans go to jail over this fight with Britany Truett? It's certainly a possibility.

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Hope this bitch overdoses from heroin and dies. Piece of shit.


Janelle is a piece of S**t.




nigas she is black she can do anything


I'm mad the people there encouraged the fight


lol lil jenelle got them hands huh....... now if only she took care of her kid as good as she fought #ratchetteenmom


Jenelle had been misled but look at the spectators(demons) urging the fight on......


Wow instead of obvious grown people seeing this is wrong and breaking this mess up they are demonically cheering it on. What is this world coming to and what are we teaching our children. We are clearly living in the last days. And what would happen if someone accidentally dies as the result a head hitting a large rock, or an permanent injury causing a disability. They aren't looking at the whole picture. Satan has to be laughing at the fact that we are this stupid to allow demons to talk us into fighting each other. Who else other than demons would set up to video a fight. Idle minds is the devils workshop this is obvious in the fact that people have time to video this mess and what must the children be thinking, they are watching and learning. We have to take our girls outdoors and instead of teaching them how to act stupid fighting, teach them how to jump rope, play outdoor games, teach our young boys how to play football and baseball. Every generation is getting wiser, but weaker. We do and say everything in front of them expecting different results. Well if you think that works look up the word insanity. Insanity is doing things the same way and expecting different result. We wonder why each generation is getting worse, we instead of spending time with our children we want to buy them more and more video games. Material things can't replace that one on one time. The more we try to buy our children things to try and take their minds off the fact that we aren't there for them they are becoming more and more hostile and corrupt. Because we are replacing our outdoor activities with the television our children are becoming weaker, obese, getting diseases that used to be unheard of in the younger generation. If we want a productive generation of educated and morally grounded children, we need to take time with our children. Even sitting around and talking to them we can educate them on what's going on in this world. Boys and girls are dressing like gays in the prison system. Being gay is the in thing, but what does God say about it(god says that he detest homosexuality and that a man should not lay with another man as though he is a woman). We have to get back to answering questions pertaining to the things of the world, by answering the question and saying, when someone ask us how we feel about abortion answer that question with what did God say(thou shall no kill). In the Garden of Eden Eve was deceived by the devil, then she turned and deceived Adam the first man. But what would have happened if instead of Adam listening to Eve, he would have followed what God told him to do and not eat the forbidden fruit(knowledge). If Adam would have told Eve, look woman I love you because you are part of me, but I am the image of a God and he is my creator and head of my life. I can't do what you did, but we will go to God and ask for forgiveness instead. The world would be a better place. This is the way we can change this world, instead of throwing up demonic signs, listening to demonic music and watching demonic tv shows, we need to take our generations back by force. Instead of the grown people acting like children, we need to get back to what would God say and build our families back up from the ground up.


Change starts the person we look at in the mirror and as we change we begin to teach our children and our families right from wrong. This is also how you break generational curses. We have to not only plant seed, but we have to plant good seed and that begins with having children within marriage. We've gotten so off course we are calling good bad, and bad good. If we learn to word of a God and raise our children up in the word it will not only change this world, and make it a better place. Children have enough challenges they have to deal with. Start looking at what your children are being trained to accept. The illuminati is everywhere, the eye of Horus is being put in our face everyday. It's satan way of causing fear, but what did God say fear not for I am with you always. In the Bible it tells us there are worse things than death. That's because if we sell our souls or are unknowingly chanting demonic verses because they are in the songs we listen to, satan has us right where he wants us. The mark of the beast is not only a physically mark it's a spiritual mark. The words that come out of your mouth is what becomes so. If you want to be saved then pray this prayer: Father God I repent of my sins, I am a sinner saved by your Grace. I know Jesus died for my sins and Father God I know Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour. Father thank you for putting my name in the Lambs book of life. After you prayer this prayer rejoice!!! Find a God fearing church home to continue joining with others who our in the word of God. Go forth into your homes, your families and pray this prayer with them spread the word of God. Read the Bible I read King James old and New Testament. When you purchase a car you have to have the owners manual to tell you what is required to keep it well maintenanced, well God gave us the Bible to keep our minds enlightened or maintained. If you don't have the scriptures from the word of God how can you know what is required to keep your mind, body and spirit tuned up. Stay Blessed in the Name of Jesus. Food for thought; and another word to the wise before you celebrate another holiday find out it's true meaning, you'll be surprised how evil has tried to merge that God gave his meaning to.


...........just try to talk things out. It's more intelligent.

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