Jon Stewart Asks: What About Ron Paul?!?

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Ron Paul finished second at the Iowa Straw Poll this weekend, receiving 1% less of the vote than Michele Bachmann.

The answers Ron Paul gave at this month's Republican debate, regarding wasteful war spending, were met with raucous applause from the audience.

Ron Paul is really the first-ever Tea Party candidate, having railed against the federal government for years.

So why is no one taking Ron Paul seriously as a Presidential nominee? Why does Matt Damon seem like a more viable possibility to some? That's what Jon Stewart wants to know! Watch him take the media to task here:

Team me

Ron Paul is the shit and Michele Bachman is a stupid, homophobic bitch. If she gets elected to Presidency (which I'm seriously not worried about), I am moving to Canada. Shit, I'd even move to Mexico.
Ron Paul is the man. He's got my vote.

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