Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner: Engaged!

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It's been a winding road for Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner, but they've finally made it: the couple is engaged!

The actress and actor, who appeared together on Melrose Place in the 1990s, have been off-and-on for years, with rumors of an engagement first spreading back in October.

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But a source tells People the 51-year old soap opera star finally popped the question to the woman who counts Tommy Lee and Richie Sambora as her ex-husbands. Locklear has a 13-year old daughter, Ava Elizabeth, with the latter.

We wish these two nothing but the best!

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Stupid. U r all stupid DMf'n dumasses get a life and grow up


Jack and Heather, as a longtime fan of you both...CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming marriage!!! I am so THRILLED for you both...ya'll make such an AWESOME couple!!! Have a LONG AND HAPPY life together. Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!


I sincerely hope for Jack's happiness, but being a recovered alcoholic for over 5 years now.....not so sure if Heather will be the best of influences over him! Kristina Crump/Wagner, his first wife who played opposite him on GENERAL HOSPITAL as FELICIA, mother of his 2 sons, Harrison & Peter, is much more stable...and gorgeous inside and out! After being married for 13 years and divored in 2006...I really hope the two will find their way back to one another. As a matter of fact, I'd put money on the real life FRISCO & FELICIA making it in the end..... :O>


I thought they had a lot of chemistry back when they were on TV together... Cute!! =)


Jack had a super hit song back in the 1980's called "All I Need".
it became a mega hit by first being introduced on General Hospital. That song is timeless and still song as good as it did years ago. All the best and a continued love affair between Heather and Jack. By all indications he appears to be a wonderful influence with Heather's daughter Ava!!


Really happy for both of them, they belong together


Love this Hookup! Peter and Amanda finally getting married! Good for you Heather!

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