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Melanie Moore was prepared to come in second.

“In my head I really thought Sasha was going to win,” the So You Think You Can Dance champion told reporters after she was crowned last night. “Just being up there and being named one of the final two I was like, ‘Wait, is this really happening?’ I just started crying.”

Melanie Moore Wins So You Think You Can Dance

In fact, all Moore could muster on stage was a “thank you” in between tears. But she had more to tell reporters after the finale aired.

Saying she hopes to use the $250,000 to “go back to school,” the 19-year old was also excited about one particular aspect of the competition being over:

“I’m really looking forward to spending time with my boyfriend. I haven’t really got to see him very much. I got to see him and give him a really quick kiss and then ran out here.”

What’s next for Moore? Aside from touring with the other top 10 finishers? Kenny Ortega, who will helm the upcoming Dirty Dancing remake, served as guest judge this season. Melanie laughed and directed the following at the director:

“Give me a call.”