George Clooney and Stacy Keibler: New Hook-Up Alert!

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In the least surprising news of the week, George Clooney is having no problem moving on from Elisabetta Canalis.

About a month after his split with that model, the actor has been spotted in Italy with former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler, who reportedly spent time at Clooney's villa in Lake Como on July 8 and subsequently Tweeted: "I'm in heaven."

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Introducing... Klooney!

"They have a lot of friends in common and run in the same circles," a friend tells the latest issue of Life & Style. "George isn't ready for anything serious. This fling is purely for fun."

Keibler has guest-starred on such hits as How I Met Your Mother and Chuck. She's also danced with the stars and is a serious cutie.



in italia si dice che l'uccello in gabbia canta o per amore o per rabbia .io penso in questo caso canti per tutti e due i motivi.ultimamente clooney sta infilando una figura di merda dietro l'altra e non e da lui.come apre bocca dice qualche stronzata tutte protese a ferire la canalis.credo non abbia mai mancato di ripetto a nessuna delle sue donne come ha fatto e sta facendo con la canalis tutto per dire dirsi che lei non era cosi importante ma se cosi fosse qualsiasi essere pensante se ne sarebbe stato zitto e tutto si potra dire di clooney tranne he non sia un'essere pensante.ultimamente lascia che sia il gossip a parlare per lui cosi almeno ci si dimentica della canalis o almeno lo spera perche mi sa che per lui e difficile dimenticare e ammettere che ha perso quello che forse era il grande amore della sua credo sia il suo canto d'amore e rabbia per la canalis un canto alquanto stonato ma per un'uomo con un'ego spropositato come il suo e questo che riesce a cantare .


Wow, i bet George has a smile from ear to ear when he has that fine ass turned up on all fours and is slapping to dick to her.


George Clooney is a confirmed bachelor. He will not marry. Why should he? He gets all the perks of a relationship and when the women start getting serious... he moves on. Any woman who dates him and thinks she will be the one to snare him is in for a disappointment. He has always said he'll never get girls stop dreaming. At least he's not stringing them along. He is honest about his intentions. So party with George and he'll pick up the tab, just don't expect him to be there tomorrow.


whoa hoe WWE will get a scoop on this one


George is just fickle. He plays at love, but one day he really will fall in love and it won't be a known beauty, but someone with a whole lot of substance and he'll do a lot of chasing her. You only have to look at Johnny Depp's marriage....not someone we all readily knew, but the relationship works and its not in the limelight. We all look for someone who "gets us".


Fake! He's not with this girl. Ha ha ha , I like your "news". She write on Twitter "I'm in Como" and you think "she is with Clooney". I'm in Paris and I can say: Fake, Fake, Fake /this in only for talk about this unknown girl/.


The man is gay. These women provide a beard and in return they have increased media exposure and nice trips. When George Clooney can no longer play romantic male leads, he will come out. That should be a long time considering his Cary Grant good looks (who was also in the closet).


Watch out George!!! Better treat Stacy Kiebler with lots of love and respect because if you piss her off she might piledrive you just like wrestling or maybe give George a close line and get George in a choke hold and make George submit. That will be funny...just kidding...anyways best of luck for both George and Stacy.


i hate it when they say George is not ready for anything serious for now. the truth is, all the young girls that he is using to show-up are using him for money and fame. the earlier he grows up and look for a serious woman of his age, the better for him. which young girl really wants to have kids with a man over 50 if not for the cash and fame involved? NO WOMAN....... men wake up


How fast he moved on after the split with cannalis.If he was a woman i would call him a whore jumping from one another.
These celebreties i think they forget how to real love is and they don`t seem to have emotions anymore

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