Big Brother Recap: Don't Let the Back Door Hit You on the Way Out

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Big Jeff is definitely in charge of Big Brother house.

Following Sunday's commanding Head of Household win, he proceeded to win the veto as well, leaving himself with all the options and all the power.

He acted like it, too, with a move that could come back to bite him, but more than likely defeated his opposing alliance for good. Only time will tell.

THG recaps last night's Big Brother episode below ...

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Whatever you think of him personally, Jeff is very good at Big Brother. His #1 achievement is what he did the previous 2-3 weeks, shoring up quasi-pacts with Shelly, Adam and Rachel. This gives him quite an edge. Plus 7.

Daniele, meanwhile, seems like a bit of a lost puppy when she's not in the driver's seat. Minus only 3, because she's quieter about it than Rachel at least.

Speaking of Boo-key's girl, Rachel is dead set on vengeance. Minus 15 for bad strategy, but Plus 5 because her attempts to bug Daniele do seem to work.

Plus 6 for Jordan's oddly sexy humilitard-removing striptease-thing.

Plus 7 for Jeff and Jordan's debate over how to pronounce "mischievous."

Man, Zingbot 3000's voice is so annoying, but it did have some good lines, and made everyone quite uncomfortable. Net positive, we'd say, of about Plus 6.

Even ZB was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of Rachel material. It settled with "Every other word is just the F-word! Fiance! Fiance! ZZZZIIING!" Plus 5.

Plus 3, because the Zingbot is actually less robotic than Porsche.

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Zingbot to Dani: "Do you own a car...or are you still riding on your daddy's coattails?!?!" A prescient zzzzzzing, because she looked lost this week, and you can't blame it all on the slop. Out of power, she just couldn't rally. Minus 4.

Okay, it's starting to just seem creepy. Go away now? Minus 4.

As soon as the veto competition was revealed to involve building something (a new Zingbot), you knew Porsche had no shot. Minus 9 for utter uselessness.

Even more useless? Her attempts to talk game! Minus 8.

With Adam and Shelly also tanking, it came down to Dani and Jeff, and the big guy won it going away. Plus 3 for backing up his savviness with results.

The true brilliance of Jeff is his ability to see - and play - all the angles. He took Porsche off the block and put up Dani while cementing his relationships with everyone BUT Dani and Kalia. Tough line to walk as HoH, but he did. Plus 10.

Can Dani get Adam, Shelly and Porsche to oust Kalia? She'll need to do stay, and her back is up against the wall. Don't count her out ... yet. Wash.

Tonight's episode is a double elimination, meaning if Dani/Kalia wins HoH, they could put up Jeff and Jordan. If Rachel wins, Dani and Kalia might be going home by 10 p.m. If Porsche or Adam wins ... LOL. Sorry, we tried. Plus 4.


Who's going home tonight on Big Brother?


Big brother is an absolute joke, the players are beyond dumber . The best person in the house was jeff. Shelly is the only one who didn't win anything. I hope she gets evicted next week , I hope everyone in the house finds out she's the snake. She's a lying backstabbing bitch. She talked about how ppl shouldn't lie well hypocrite don't teach that to your daughter if your gonna lie your way through and evict big jeff. If I was jordan I would back hand her , it would be worth a penelty vote. Atleast jeff didn't go home without anything, he won 15 000 dollars this season and I'm sure america will vote him again for the best player to win 25 000. If shelly makes it to the final two, she will have no votes , she's a floater and she's nothing but useless. I hope she's the one walking out next. Team jeff all the way, you deserved it the most


As I sit here watching my taped BB Afterdark, I find myself getting sooo angry. I hope BB NEVER considers bringing Shelly back for another season, cause I wont watch it (and I've seen them all). After Jeff carried her through the game, and Jordan gave up a beloved phone call from home, I think that she is the ""scummiest"" player ever. Now Porshe is HOH so she all of a sudden is full of herself and her 'gameplay' OMG I have to go now...I think I have to puke!!


The next one to go should be Shelly, then Rachel! I was happy that Jeff was evicted. the couples had to be split up to make it a better game!! Jeff & Brandon were too strong for anyone else to win, especially having their "partner" there. It is a more even game now!!
let the games continue!!


I watch BB after dark and never heard Jeff say he would not backdoor Daniel. I believe he and Jordan are easily the most honest people in the house. I have never seen anyone lie with more dedication than Shelly. I would have bet anything that Jeff and Jordan could trust her. She loves them soooo much!!! I do not watch the live feeds. I want to know how Jeff found out Shelly was such a snake.


Shelley is a scumbag.

Kellie m

Jeff told Dani he wouldn't put her on the block..he did NOT tell her he wouldn't back door her. She was gunning for him and he just returned the favor. Fair is fair and it is part of the game. Her attitude sucks. She was even yelling at Kalia last night on BBAD and on the feeds. She is only happy when things go her way...she acts like a spoiled brat.


Listen it's a game they all lie, I don't care what Jeff promised her or anyone promised anybody cause they are playing a game !!! What was Jeff suppose to do tell her he was going to backdoor her ? STUPPPIDD !!! Danni just all mad now, SHOCKERRRRR!!!!!! I didn't like her comment that she belongs there more then anyone in that house ? And Why ??????? See you later Danni, you screwed up your game play and thats that ..... BYE!!!! Say hi to Julie for them all..
Maybe they'll put you on the Senior show when your 50 !! lol


As much as they dont like rachel and brendon, strategically, they should've nominated and evicted jeff and jordan, coz, the two of them are very liked by every one in the house, and they have a better chance of winning agaisnt anyone in the final two


SO annoying, I was so annoyed when Jeff won Both veto and HOH, He's such a liar but Dani should have taken him out last week instead of Brendan. I dont understand why she thought she could trust him so its her fault in the end. The show is going to get very boring the second Dani walks out. Hope she can pull through!


If you watch live feeds you'll know that Jeff and Dani actually made a deal that said he wouldn't nominate her or backdoor her. Dani didn't lie to anyone. Big Jeff did.

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