Will Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Ever Get Married?

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Brad Pitt called New York State's recent passage of a bill legalizing gay marriage an encouraging sign. Might there be signs that he's considering tying the knot?

The actor and partner Angelina Jolie are famous for saying they won't marry until gay marriage is legal everywhere. That's going to be a long, slow fight.

However, Brad recently said his six kids are often asking when mom and dad are going to get hitched. "It's something we've got to look at," he admits.

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So will Brangelina really wait for all states to ratify gay marriage, or is that just a clever, noble response to incessant questions regarding their status?

"The thing is with Brad," says one of his closet friends and confidants, "is that you just don't know, especially since he got together with [Angelina]."

Asked why Brad and Angelina don't just get married if they and their kids want that, the source suggested they may be playing the media a bit.

"Probably," he said, "but like I said, you just don't know with Brad."

Basically, whatever Brad and Angie's reasons are, that's their business. And if saying it's all about gay marriage is a way of using their celebrity status to raise the level of debate over an important issue, good for them.

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I hope they get married.Just for the kids!


How can dε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ legalise gay marry,wat is dis world turnin into???may God punish every evil doers(amen ñ amen)........I hate brangelina


so what can you belive anything that comes out of his mouth ???? we getting married for the kids ??


Screw them both. They are just hiding behind their good deeds. She always has and now she has trained him to do it, too. Don't fall for this.