America's Got Talent in Vegas: Fire, Fire and More Fire!

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Filling in the final 17 spots proved to difficult for the America's Got Talent judges last night.

It didn't help no female singers remaining were talented enough, while the only solo contemporary woman looked like Justin Bieber. Let's jump right into the Las Vegas auditions...

A Sexy Act

Magicians - I'm surprised Fig and Newton was considered top tier when Landon was much better. The 80s magician act was clumsy but funny. The Halls of Magic's snake charmer routine was good except for the bag attached to the snake. Landon auditioned with the folding silhouette, but did a slow paced levitating box this time.

I liked the calm nature of the routine and how he managed to lift a box with a woman in it. Seth Gabriel was the final act and when the poor cube went down; I worried. Then he did the most blatant WTF door passing by and you knew he walked away from the transition. Afterwards, Seth proceeded to question the girls about the cube mishap. I hope the blonde wasn't fired. Advanced: Landon Swank and Seth Grabel.

Children's Acts - Most were good, but there were too many. Lil' T, while energetic in dancing had no energy in his interview. Outside of the flip and handstand I thought that Tanner lacked content. Avery and the Calico Hearts were leagues better than 4Play. Avery's vocal runs got stronger and the backup girls harmonized better. We focused on Anna Graceman, she got nervous and hit a few sour keys, but her vocals were still strong. After being questioned about the piano playing, I wonder if she'd just sing in the live show. Advanced: Avery and the Calico Hearts, SH'Boss Boys, Anna Graceman, and the one girl that sang "I'm Changing."

Danger - There was a lot of fire, including eating fire, twirling fire, and flipping. The Smage Brothers Biking Show had a minor injury before the show but didn’t complain. The act looked like it was missing a few elements and was jerky. One has to consider that the Fearless Flores Family and the Yellow Design Stunt Team both made it through; are three bike/trick teams too many? Advanced: Smage Brothers Riding Shows and Sandou Russian Bar Trio.

Dance - We got a sea of the group dancers this year but only focused on two. Piers called the Purrfect Angelz "good sexy fun" which was probably enough to have Howie support them. Attack Dance Crew still looked generic. Sam B., the one man party, showed skin this time around. His pants caused him to struggle pulling them up as he tumbled to the ground. Advanced: Attack Dance Crew, Purrfect Angelz, Sam B.

Novelty - The novelty acts were really awkward in the back preparing; the most confident was Leonid the Magnificent. He did a decent dance routine which makes me wonder why he was in the novelty section; he needed to do something that was random, not a contemporary dance routine. Thomas John got even better than his xylophone juggling act yesterday. The underdog clearly was Ian Johnson who had a clean routine and used multiple styles of yo-yo. Meet Me at Fairfax and 3rd was epically hysterical. While the piano playing skills were better, the other guy thought adding a banana and throwing off his shoes would make the routine Hollywood worthy. What made it epic was when head-stander’s phone went off and he went to pick it up. Advanced: Ian Johnson and Thomas John.

Male Singers - Dylan Andre was a stereotypical guitar player in the auditions and was the same today: Still good, but still vanilla. Then there were the cavalcade of guitarists that did the same exact thing as Dylan. Mauricio, the self-proclaimed last place horse, did a "Strangers in the Night" and "Stayin' Alive" medley which not only was good juxtaposition, but also was hysterical. Daniel Joseph Baker, who should also be named "Necessary Diva," did another Lady GaGa song, but aced it. I’m upset that Daniel directly copied the Lady GaGa “foot on piano” and no one realized it. Advanced: Daniel Joseph Baker, Mauricio Herrera, Dylan Andre, and Taylor Davis.

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