The Dark Knight Rises Trailer: Evil is Rising

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is finally out.

As if this isn't exciting enough for movie fans, those who attend a screening this weekend will be treated to the first official trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. What does it include?

  • A hospitalized Commissioner Gordon, telling someone off screen: "You were gone. There is evil rising. The Batman must come back."
  • A shot of Tom Hardy as Bane.
  • A longer shot of buildings collapsing that echoes the poster released this week.

Prepare for the "epic conclusion to The Dark Knight Legend," hitting theaters in July 2012, below:


can't wait. But u cant have banw without poison ivy. Hope this seriously isnt the last in the series. And last. Its gonna be hard to top dark knight.


Calling it now. Bane breaks Gordon's back.


But back on topic... This teaser looks amazing. The soundeffects in between the shot of Bane and the sky scrapers collapsing are bone chilling!


"Telling someone off-screen" ? That someone is obviously Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne.

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