Passenger: Brooke Mueller Thrown Off Airplane for Belligerent Behavior

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Pssst, L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services. Over here...

Brooke Mueller was involved in an argument with United Airlines staff members on Tuesday, the result of which was Charlie Sheen's troubled ex departing a plane under controversial circumstances. Was she kicked off? Did choose to leave because a flight attendant was being unfair?

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Does it even matter at this point?

According to TMZ, Mueller tried to use the bathroom immediately prior to take-off. But a stewardess said she had to remain seated. A fight ensued. Brooke claims she demanded off the plane, but a witness says:

Mueller was "belligerent and cussing out the flight attendant" and was removed from the aircraft.

Between this incident, her alleged desire to reconcile with Charlie Sheen and her anxious pot use, what else do authorities need to investigate the well-being of her children?


Wrong Annitah. She's an embarassment to herself. She does not represent me or anybody I know in any way. I saw this girl last night on Paris' show on Bravo. She is one hot mess. It was shocking to see, really. She needs a LOT of help.


How i wish brooke can go to jail she is a total embrassment to all the women and mothers around da world. She shld have jst become a whore and leave child bearing business to women like dennise richards


Someone needs to take those children because neither she nor Charlie deserves them or is stable enough to care for them. It's sad because eventually something bad will happen to those children. Poor babies.


She needs to be caught with 6 tons of black tar heroin before Family Services will stop & look closely on custody of those 2 boys. Those 2 are incapable of being caregivers to these kids.

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