Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen to Give It Another Try?!?

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Take away the drugs, the abuse, the cheating and the violent temper and Charlie Sheen is simply a fun guy.

That's what Brooke Mueller apparently believes and cares about, as friends tell TMZ the pot-loving trainwreck is actually considering a reconciliation with her ex-husband. Really. Seriously. We're not making this up.

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller Photo

Sheen hasn't made many headlines recently and a source says that's because he's been laying low, just chilling in his house, goddess-free, along with Mueller. She's telling pals the former couple is enjoying each other's company and, hey, they have a lot in common. Like a love of threesomes.

Twins Max and Bob, too.

Yes, Brooke claims to be aware of the "toxic" elements involved in their relationship. But she also says the door to a 79th chance for Sheen remains open.


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Sheen has presented himself to the world as a hore, a prostitute and a dog. i dont see any reason why a woman that want to be responsible will want to be with such man. Brooke plz look for a better man, men are everywhere out there. better ones even


I like Charlie! But Brooke doesn't need to start whining when she gets pissed off. When the pot's hot, you get away from it. I think he's better then she is.


I get Abby's point that they might deserve each other, but i think for the sake of the kids she should persevere with her rehab program and steer away from (other) troubled people like Charlie. She should try to find a man who's a good influence on her.


She needs her head examined There is nothing good abut this guy,He will be big trouble you watch,those kids need someone besides him..


Differences in relationships can happen. Differences in marriage especially when you have children is even more harder and hard work as well. Children comes first and yes both Charlie and Brooke should give up the drugs and give it one more try.


These 2 deserve one another.
The kids on the other hand, deserve parents who are there mentally & not wasted on drugs/booze.