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In the aftermath of Casey Anthony’s stunning acquittal, a proposed “Caylee’s Law” is gaining momentum in her native Florida as well as other states.

What would the new law entail?

Taking its name from Casey’s deceased two-year-old, Caylee’s Law would make it a crime to not report a child missing or deceased after 24 hours.

Parents of Casey Anthony on Dr. Oz

Talk of legislation began shortly after Casey Anthony was found not guilty of Caylee’s murder. Petitions have already garnered 1.1 million signatures.

Among those signatures? George Anthony’s.

“This is a great legacy for my granddaughter. Other children still need assistance. If it reflects on my daughter, well, so be it,” said Casey’s father.

Several other states are also seriously considering adopting “Caylee’s Law.” In Oregon, Rep. Shawn Lindsay said he’ll sponsor the law in his state.

Pushing for laws to protect kids and prevent future cases like this is a good use of time, energy and resources … unlike sending Casey Anthony money.