Marlo Hampton, Lengthy Rap Sheet Join The Real Housewives of Atlanta

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Marlo Hampton is about to enter The Real Housewives of Atlanta fray. She might wanna wear a helmet.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports that this 35-year old stylist has joined a cast led by perpetually fighting frenemies NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak. She'll debut on the show's new season and is described as an "entrepreneur, stylist, TV personality and philanthropist." Of course.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Cast Pic

Hampton has worked with Young Joc and Jazze Pha and will launch an online boutique on August 1. She's also been arrested seven times on charges that include firearms possession and aggravated battery.

Take a look at one of her mug shots now and let's welcome Marlo aboard!


Have watched this show from day one...Marlo is now my reason for NOT watching anymore !!! She is a disgrace :(


i love marlo she is soooooo entertaining and funny did you see how she fliped sheree off.and her responce.I croched holding my stomach.sayin thats some shit i would do.glad somebody came around to crrect these women when they wrong.cause she was wrong to not invite her to dinner.a word of advice to marlo also dont throw what you have in peoples face i am a black woman also who has been blessed but i would never try to put someone dowm because they cant aford what i can.Appreciate what you have.Cause oneday God could easily take it from you as quickly as he put that person in your life to give it to know your man is up in age stop doing unGodly things befor he crills over and die on ya ass.And for the rest of you beautiful housewives becareful and keep a box cutter in your purse im sure marlo has one.Lol HaHAhhh.....


She's only 35... WOW


Never heard of her. At least Kandi is singer/songwriter, Cynthia was a top notch model from the 90s, Phaedra is an attorney, Nene and Sheree welll.....ok I guess this Marlo character fits in. How dreadful.


I suggest you either wear armour or steer clear of the crazies.

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