Kris Jenner Dishes on Face Lift, Daughter's Massive Wedding

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A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

So said Kris Jenner on The Talk yesterday, referring to the face lift that was captured by E! cameras last month.

The matriarch of the least talented family on TV said she just wanted to freshen up for her daughter's wedding, which will NOT cost $10 million, as reported by one tabloid.

"You know, if she was going to spend that much money on a wedding, I'd tell her to write me a check and go to Vegas," Jenner said, seemingly ignoring the fact that Kim is headed to Vegas for her bachelorette party.


I agree with courtneyj6 Kendall and Kylie are sadly heading into the same path. They are already spoiled and self centered and Kris does not teach them respect or manners. But some people will still watch their shows and they like them.But telling someone to go hang themselves is not only stupid but rude and disrespectful, Lily you should grow up and get over yourself!


Lily not everyone shares your opinion,so why not stop trying to force it on everyone? Gunner you are annoying, and freespirit114 you always act like you know everything, it is all a matter of either people like them or they don't. They don't owe an explanation as to why they like them. I fail to see why everytime someone has plastic surgery it is everyone's business because it is not


I wanna be in Vegas for my hens night...... Love you Kris and the Girls xoxoxo


@lilly, "go hang yourself." really? I'd hang myself if I ever found myself watching these worthless,talentless,money hungry idiots. If it weren't for there dad being OJ's lawyer, they would still be the nobodys they were. Kim is like a Paris hilton clone. Famous because her daddy and a sex tape. Nothing else. There show just shows the world how pathetic they are. Kendall and kylie are heading right into the same path. And you people spend hours of your life watching these dumbasses make fools of themselves. Get a life and maybe you'll realize this like the rest of the world already has.


@ diana .you r a fag . . . its my wish to hate them if i dn lik them . . . who r u to tel me . . ?


they ve done nothing but show off and look for fame in everything they do, nothing special abt them.


I love them all, go to hell haters


Love them,no matter what u say, if u can't stand them,go hang ur self


There is no way that this was Kris' first facelift. She had had work done before which was quite clear from her plastic-y looking face before she had this lift done. I have a question for those people here saying they love this family. Why? I am honestly curious about that because I don't see why. And superficial things like their clothes, hair or looks at all don't count. I'm talking about real reasons that people may admire them. I personally admire people who are honest, who have a talent or are very smart. I admire people who work hard (or have worked hard) to get where they are and are grateful for what they have. I admire people who give back, who are active in helping out a cause they believe in. I could go on and on. But I have yet to see any one of these things in any member of this family. So if someone else does then by all means enlighten me.


@ Gunner, Your a Douche

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