Kris Jenner Undergoes Face Lift: Watch, Groan Now!

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Kim Kardashian is getting married on August 20. What are you doing to prepare for this monumental event?

Are you undergoing a face lift, crying over how stressful it is and inviting cameras into your hospital room? No? Then you are not Kris Jenner.

The matriarch of this money-hungry family, who is reportedly organizing every detail of her daughter's nuptials, received a bit of plastic surgery last month in preparation for the event. Shockingly, the process was recorded by E! and will air on a future episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Prepare to lose your lunch watching Kris, Kourtney and Kim sob in this video:


that's so disgusting. i guess she's ashamed of her face.


It is up to Kris to decide if she wants to have a facelift or not.She is capable of making her own decisions.Freespirit 114 not your business.


Yes Kris u r beautiful u don't need that at all love yourself for who u r love u Kris


Y get a face lift 4 God's sake kris...ur beautiful the way God created adays no one wants 2 get old but its so unfortunate its inevitable like kris u dnt need it get it!!!!


haaahhaahaa!shz 56 and has had 55 face lifts!gr8888t!


dear bruce. please stop doing that to your hair. it makes you look disgusting. so many people have tried to tell you that but you insist on doing it. it makes you look like a fool. GET.IT.CUT.AND STYLED.


Ewww crut


gud for nothing whoredarshians. like mother like daughters. shame on them.


fake fake fake fake just like kim and bruce and the others

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