Kate Middleton Anorexic AND Pregnant, Tabloid Erroneously Reports

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Kate Middleton is anorexic and with child, according to Star.

That last part should tell you everything you need to know. By anorexic and pregnant, what the tabloid means is she is not pregnant and/or sickly.

Apparently sources close to the Duchess say that she's "gone from fit and toned to gaunt and bony" and the whole thing is just "horrifying." Gosh.

Anorexic, Pregnant

Dr. Fred Pescatore, who has no connection to her at all, notes that "Kate looks to weigh from 95 to 100 lbs. That makes her seriously underweight."

At 5'10", a weight of 100 pounds would put her BMI as "severely underweight" or, to put it another way, not able to function and possibly not alive.

So Kate Middleton is pregnant and dying. Thanks Star!

In reality, she's probably just thin. Not starving to be sexy or ready to collapse due to exhaustion or severe malnourishment at any given moment.

Nor is she carrying any future kings or queens. Although now that she's married and settling down, you have to wonder when she'll get pregnant.


She is toooo thin for her height and the Fu even if she is 120 pounds she is stiil UNDERWEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!


I tink she is wather skinny and can't have kids. I surpose thars alvays Hawwy.


Kate is most definitely anorexic. The media is just covering it up because they want everyone to love the new princess and view her as perfect in all ways. They are calling her "slim" and "slender". NO. Her appearance is not healthy. She looks unhealthy and bony. People need to open their eyes.


way too skinny its not her fault though people love their celebrities to look like lollipops


Kate is gorgeous. She looks awesome and I am heading that way because I too amd getting skinny. She is wonderful.


Leave the girl alone!! She will get pregnant when the time is right for them. They need a little time together as Husband and Wife before starting their family. That is the problem with this world.If these young couples would get to know each other better before having children we would have fewer Divorces and much happier families.


i quite doubt that she's only 95lbs....i'd say 120lbs or so...?


Clearly a lie, it is quiet impossible for her to even get pregnant if that was truly her weight, cleary both claims are far off base.. what is wrong with Star?

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