Kate Middleton: Starving to Be Sexy?!

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She's drop-dead gorgeous. She married the Prince of freaking Wales. The world has been riveted by every Kate Middleton fashion choice under the sun.

Despite all that, is the pressure of being in the public eye getting to the Duchess of Cambridge? A new tabloid report suggests that it certainly may be.

The 5-foot-10 princess was once a size 6, "but there's no way she's more than a size zero right now - that's extremely skinny," a friend tells Life & Style.

Some friend.

Kate Middleton: Too Skinny?

"Kate was pretty skinny on her wedding day, but now she's dropped another 7 to 10 pounds," another insider says, with no basis for that whatsoever.

The magazine claims that Kate barely touched her meal prepared by celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis during their visit to America last week.

Even if that's true, which we doubt, it can't be easy to eat with thousands of people staring at you. Maybe give the girl a little bit of a break.

At least her husband is all over it, according to L&S.

Having lived through his mother's alleged eating disorders, "William's No. 1 priority in life is to ensure that Kate is happy and healthy."

Now that we believe. They're a sweet couple. What do you think, though? Has Kate Middleton lost weight, and is she looking too thin?


she's uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....Will have no taste to choose a woman


I think Kate is just fine,by her being royal everybody wants to pick on her.for God's sake leave her alone people are just jealous of her i amire the lady.she knows what she wants and she goes for it.
Don't you people having anything else to do.Maybe you people have weight problems leave her alone and let her be herself and
be happy with prince william.What would you do if you were under a mircoscope 24/7.Kate i amire you you are one fine person with a great head on her shoulders.God Bless you and William.


"Curve and sexy" is BETTER than "starving to be sexy",,wohohooo..


Uhm. Yeah. That photo is from BEFORE her wedding. Why are they now trying to use it to bash her? Obviously, they just want to seem relevant. There's nothing wrong with that woman. She's beautiful. Personally, with thousands of people staring at me, I'd lost my appetite too!


Its funny how people believe everything they read and have negative opinions as if they knew the royals personally. That is why these magazines are called tabloids, its nothing but trash and you can't believe everything they print, I saw Kate on the news and she looks the same as when she got married but since she hasn't gained 10lbs after she got married people automatically assume she an eating disorder. Woow


she needs to get implants and more ass because she will never be sexy like that. although she can keep going that way to see how long it takes for her to go to the hospital or die


she'll lose her fashion status in the public eye pretty soon; which makes me wonder, did she marry William for love or for fame; I'm thinking there's a huge lot that doesn't meet the eye.


the woman is getting to death pretty soon; If William loved her a little bit, he'd make sure she ate a full plate of three burgers; William seems to end up being exactly like his douche bag of a father!


She is waaay too skinny,she's needs to eat a little bit more coz now she looks lyk she has anorexia nervosa


she probably worked out like mad for her wedding, as many many women do, and the bonus of excercise and diet regimes is that it keeps working and has a lagging effect, even if you stop and relax again. lets hope this is what it is. she has so much pressure on her to be so many things according to so many people. she has shown such grace, poise, and inner beauty. i hope she feels so proud, and hope william is aware of what she needs as a woman, feeling good about herself. they are a beautiful couple. she is stunningly gorgeous, with inner and outer beauty. lets just hope she stays well.

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