Jenelle Evans Tests Positive For Drugs, Violates Probation, is a Moron

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has reportedly violated the terms of her probation, and it doesn't look good for the troubled North Carolina native at all.

In a July 15, 2011 violation report, the 19-year-old mother:

  • Tested positive for THC (found in marijuana)
  • Is behind on court fee payments
  • Has not attended an aftercare plan that was required upon her release from rehab. He was 30 days sober too, supposedly.
Jenelle Evans Mugshot

"The defendant tested positive for THC on 7/13/2011 and admitting using same," the report reads. "The defendant was discharged from inpatient treatment on 6/7/2011; recommended aftercare / discharge plan was not followed."

"Since the defendant's discharge from inpatient treatment she has failed to follow up with any care," the report goes on, noting that Evans, who was recently arrested for PUNISHING Britany Truett, also owes $320 in fees.

Jenelle Evans' attorney insists there's more to it than that.

"What I can tell you is that she is up to date on her payments and the probation officer has been made aware of this. As to the positive test, we wouldn't be able to comment right now," attorney Dustin Sullivan said.

A hearing on the charges of her probation violation is set for August 24.

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i don,t like you on teen mom anymore


I cannot believe some people are justifying this poor excuse as a mom (much less a women)! She is trash that is 0% responsible. She couldn't care less about that child and couldn't even make him a bottle! But she sure had energy to go out and party all night and f**k with douchbags. And Janelles mom is a sweetheart. She takes care of the baby and even accepted her daughters douche bf! Janelles mom needs to beat the sh*t out of her. If Janelle didn't have her mom where would she be? She even steals from her own mother. Let's see if you would like to have a mother like her. I wouldn't be surprised if Jayce grew up and murdered his own mom!


shamieka muldrew, please name one antidepressant that is addictive! Don't say Xanax, becausethat's not an antidepressant, it's used to treat anxiety. Sheesh, but some of you are ill-advised.


Yeah, I've seen the show, and I have to agree that her mom really is a nagging hambeast, if I had a carping, hyper-critical hag like that for a mom i'd probably be into a lot worse stuff than just a little pot, which is legal where I'm from anyway.I'm not saying Jenelle Evans is up for Mother of the Year or anything but I do know that living with a crazed harpy is enough to just about drive anyone to the needle, so thank God it's just weed this time. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if she went off the deep end for real and got into something seriously dangerous, if she hasn't already.I really do hope that doesn't happen,for her own sake and the sake of her child, the poor little guy.I think the whole thing is very sad all the way around. It'd probably be a lot easier for her if her own mother weren't such a raging, rabid beast.


I'm with David Lieder--just look at him! If that's you, DL, you certainly are one fine-looking man.


"Smoking pot is not at all like getting drunk--your awareness is heightened, not lowered, your inhibitions stay, not vanish. That's not the crime here--it is even legal in 28 states and often used sucessfully for depression which I would say Janelle has but someone taught her how to drive, understand cars, and I can't see it being a mom who wanted her to have no freedom; also a depressed person doesn't even care to learn to drive.They care about nothing." Being high isn't the same for every person. Maybe you're more aware when you're high, that doesn't mean everyone else is too. And your assertions about depression are so ridiculous. Much like being high, depression differs from person to person too. While some depressed people may suffer from complete apathy, that doesn't mean every person who's depressed does. Being depressed wouldn't necessarily stop her from learning how to drive.


The only thing trashy about this story is the person who wrote it and the idiots leaving comments.


The judge needs to give her mother permanent custody and be done with her. She also needs to be removed from anything having to do with MTV because all they are doing is giving her the money to continue with her drug addiction. I don't feel sorry for her, I feel pity for her and I feel sorry for her mother and her child.


Oh so u would rather her take a fn pill 4 depression and get a horrible pill addiction that have u feeling WORSE bout urself instead of her smoking sumthin grown from the earth???!SMH


Are you people just to stupid or what, am I the only one who saw the show. dah check out the old lady nag nag nag judgementle or what if she was my mother forget getting pregnent and smoking pot ooooh have cigarette, I would have decked her along time ago. she has never given her daughter any support %^&()( and that poor baby the old lady yells at jennelle in front of the baby. maybe the judge should see the show.