Jaycee Dugard Opens Up About Captivity, Pregnancy, Survival

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I can walk in the next room and see my mom. I can decide to jump in the car and go to the beach with the girls. It's unbelievable, truly.

So says Jaycee Dugard in an interview with Diane Sawyer that airs Sunday on ABC's Primetime, as the woman who was kidnapped at the age of 11 and held captive for 18 years speaks out for the first time.

In June, the man who kidnapped and raped Jaycee, Phillip Garrido, was sentenced to 431 years in prison. He's the father of Jaycee's two kids, and she tells Sawyer that she "didn't know" she was in labor prior to giving birth for the first time. Dugard was 14.

"She was beautiful," Jaycee says of her daughter. "I felt like I wasn't alone anymore. [I] had somebody else who was mine. I wasn't alone."

Incredibly, incomprehensibly, Dugard gave birth to another girl in 1997 and created a school inside the compound for her kids, teaching them as best she could with her fifth grade education.

"There's a switch that I had to shut off," Dugard tells Sawyer of the experience. "You can't imagine being kidnapped and raped, you know? You do what you have to do to survive."

Jaycee has also written a book about the ordeal, titled "A Stolen Life." It will be released next month.


Sky Diver,,, hopefully your parachute won't open next time... you can then blame the ground for your death.


skydiver one, you are an ignorant, insensitive moron to say the least. she enjoyed it? yeah im sure she enjoyed being raped for years and forced to give birth in a shed with no medical help. and im sure she enjoyed not even being able to use the toilet or a phone without permission. she did what she had to do to survive... as for 'cashing in'? she is using the money off the book to start a foundation to help other families like her own. do your research before you act like an idiot


how dare anyone blame this survivor for what she has gone through and survived. victim-blaming of the abused needs to be stopped. you have no idea of the kind of mind-control, manipulation, and severe threats that were put on her to stay within that compound. she was only 11 when she was abducted, she was raised in that oppression. of course she wouldn't leave even when opportunity arose. she just did everything she could to survive. she is strong and is now recovering from the ordeal gracefully, which is something many people couldn't do. she only deserves all the best. no one has any right to criticise this woman.


OMG!!!!! I think it's lovely wat u r doing, I


I think is uber weird as well that she never escaped when she could and she did have a chance- a BIG chance!


I guess it's great she is alive, but she's not inspiring. She's a freaking idiot. She had plenty of chances to be free. There was SOMETHING going on she LIKED. And now she's just cashing in.


She had a very strong believe in God and that is why she got through what she needed to get through nothing more nothing less and that is fact nobody seems to willing to say.


I am surely glad to see positive comments in here about Jaycee. She is a good person with good character and morality. She puts her kids at first, as opposed to someone like Casey Athony who has a much easier life than Jaycee but decided to kill her own flesh and blood. This world is full of crazy people, but Jaycee is one strong woman who survived and went through such a painful ordeal. I'd like to be part of something that makes this world a better place to live in. Jaycee - I wish you all the bests. You inspired me. Now justice is served, and you can go on live a good life with peace.


Oh you mean she didnt take a job with Good Morning America after being "kidnapped" a mere hundred feet from her own house, or going to parties with her supposed kidnapper.


I agree with all comments, this lady is amazing and I wish her a life of joy. FYI ~ She received over 1 million dollars from the police...as a judgment

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