Ian Somerhalder Urges Congress to Fund Wildlife Conservation

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Ian Somerhalder is so much more than a pretty face.

While the actor is accustomed to making female viewers scream on The Vampire Diaries, he went to D.C. this week with the goal of making Congress listen. The founder of The IS Foundation - which aims to "positively impact the planet and its creatures" - Somerhalder testified before lawmakers on behalf of the Multinational Species Coalition.

"Wildlife and environmental conservation has always been not just a passion, but a priority of mine," he said, hoping to raise funds for organizations that include the World Wildlife Fund, the Sierra Club and the National Audubon Society.

A native of Louisiana, Somerhalder has worked tirelessly to clean up disasters in that area such as the April 2010 BP oil spill.

But he cast an even wider net in this appearance, referencing African elephants, marine turtles, tigers, gorillas and chimpanzees and saying:

"Due to instability or indifference in the areas that many of these species call home, for most of them we are the first, last, and only hope for survival. As the ones with the power to make a difference, the responsibility rests with us. It is imperative that we live up to it.

"On behalf of the Ian Somerhalder Foundation and the Alliance for Global Conservation, I urge the Subcommittee to mark-up H.R. 50 and move to reauthorize this important piece of legislation."


He obviously needs to do more research on the foundations he wants to be supported since they are nothing more than bureaucratic groups that give very little to the actual causes they supposedly support.


I love him 💗💗


I am disgusted at some of the comments on here! I don't usually get so annoyed by peoples opinions, however, what Ian has displayed here is a serious passion for animal and environmental conservation and, quite frankly, our lives! I salute this man, I have soo much respect for him! Go Ian!!


What I love about this is that you can see he is nervous. That shows just how much he cares1!1 He is an amazing person xx


just 2 words his just awesome,theres no error cause him and awesome are one word XD


wow are you guys kidding? he is trying to make the world a better place and not using his money on stupid things like other celebrities.


really? consider me uninterested and unimpressed.if it has nothing 2 do with v.d or nina then yeah he is just another pretty face


boring! someone wake me up when the yawner conference is over. Zzzzz


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