Even Clerk Can't Believe Casey Anthony Acquittal

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Kim Kardashian certainly wasn't the only one stunned by the outcome of one of the most sensational, high-profile criminal cases in recent years.

The clerk who read the Casey Anthony verdict in an Orlando, Fla., court Tuesday was momentarily rendered speechless, or so it appeared.

Seeing "NOT GUILTY" and "Casey Anthony" side by side will do that.

Watch as the clerk chokes up when the judge hands her the documents, then regains her composure and delivers the shocking news to the courtroom that a jury has acquitted Anthony of first-degree murder ...

What do you think: Casey Anthony is totally ...


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It is not true that the clerk was stunned by the outcome and so she was speechless. Get the facts straight. The layout of the verdcit forms was different than the usual which caused the pause in her to make sure she read it correctly.


1st of all not to be harsh or disrespectful but to all you mfers who agrees with the verdict,take asecond and think about this. What if your kid was actually taken by someone you knew and the same events took place where the body was decomposed so therefore leaving no dna evidence behind to link it to that person. Then you ignorant bitches would see what everyone else sees in this case it was open and shut if ppl wouldve just used there common sense. And I'm really not for the she will get hers on judgement day cuz who knows if there is one and if so she still gets to live another 60 70 years on earth. Sorry I can't say the same for her daughter.


I did watch the whole thing and i'm studying to get into law school so I know how this stuff works and like I said before the state must prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt, which they failed to do thus a not guilty verdict is correct.


I think shes very much quilty. Everyone is right, she would be out looking for her baby since she was "missing" instead of partying and etc. Who wouldnt want to find their child? That right there makes her atleast look quilty. The only reason she wouldnt be looking for her, is if she already knew what happened to her! She didnt desevere that little girl. RIP baby girl!!! And she will get whats coming to her one day, she will meet her maker and her baby girl again!!!


I realise that lady justice isnt always fair but come on!!! Is she blind as well? I dont agree with todays verdict.
Im just sad that we have no recourse, no opportunity for appeal. The verdict is final.
Not guilty does NOT = innocent.


Just like the OJ debacle. Most "citizens" don't get that MOST cases must be decided on "circumstancial" evidence. A guilty verdict does not require a station wagon full of nuns as eyewitnesses to the crime! ALL the evidence pointed right to this sociopathic murderess. What a travesty.


JB.yes GOd gives the final justice...The guilty get locked up and the innocent walk free..is that correct everybody or is it just me???Im not being hypocritical im stating the facts. I watched the whole thing did you??I believe you are the only one who thinks this way about the situation..are you one of the jurors???..


There was duct tape on that babys mouth and casey was the last person seen with her! Who goes partying,shopping,tattoos during that 30 day time period when her mom didnt know where the fuck her granddaughter was!? If this bitch didnt wanna be a mom she should have put her up for adoption.why do people crazy shit like murder when theres an easier way out?guess I will never understand..fyi, lieing does not make a murderer.but if she was innocent she wouldnt have anything to hide, so why lie? Why mislead? P.s.sorry about the cussing.i have 3 kids,so stuff like this makes sad and angry.


Kim Childress, if God gives the final justice then who are you to condemn this woman and her family??? That is being hypocritical. I agree that the family is dysfunctional and that most of the things Casey did were odd or awful. But to say that there is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that she committed murder?? I would think it would be very difficult if I were on a jury as opposed to an outside spectator. JB is right and just because a jury says not guilty that isn't the same thing as innocent.


Jury made the right call, its upon the state to prove beyond reasonable doubt and they failed to do so. Being a liar does not make one a murderer. Glad the jury made their decision not based on emotion but logic.