Catherine Kieu Becker Charged with Torture for Genitalia Attack

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Catherine Kieu Becker faces life in prison for taking the sex life of her husband this week.


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    Catherine Kieu Becker Arrested for Chopping Off Husband's Penis

    Catherine Kieu Becker has been arrested because she chopped off her husband's penis. She then tossed it into the garbage disposal.

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    Anybody who thinks this is okay needs their head examined. It's not liberation for women, it's not okay "IF" the woman was abused or he cheated or whatever. Whatever the case may be doesn't warrant this kind of action. C'mon people get real. I've read too many women saying this is okay and the women on "the talk" actually making jokes about it. Then they apologized, but you know how they really are aside from one of them who actually said it wouldn't be funny if it happened to a woman now would it. If you don't have anything bright to say don't say anything at all. Lets just hope some psycho dude doesn't start chopping off female genitalia, maybe we'll all get a laugh though right?


    Thumbs up.... Good work,you may be a gook but a aoplaude your knife work ,


    Rachel, you are one sick person.

    i find it interesting how you turn as brutal attack into "liberation for women"....

    if a man cut off a women privet parts... would you be saying "well women sexual discriminate and abuse men all the time, so maby he had a good reason?"

    Rachel, im guesssing you going to have a lot of problems finding any man to take you, so why dont you do us all a favorie and mutilate your own genitals, or better yet let a man do it for you.. becuase your the person who deserves it.


    B. T. W.
    So many are saying his penis was choped off. That means no contact. His penis was sliced off with a 10in knife. That means she had to pick it up and hold it as she cut through it. He was awake and most likely screaming at the top of his lungs and wiggling around the best he could to save his male apendage!
    NOW call her a hero.
    And by the way MOST men DO NOT think with their penis any more than MOST women think with their tits.


    This goes to Skydiver, do you remember Gregory Longoria Jr, the man who tied his wife to a bed and mutilated her genitals? No? well I do and I was simply appalled at what he did. I didn't feel any sympathy for him because he's a man or try to rationalize what he did by saying that maybe his wife deserved it.

    All my sympathy went out to his poor wife and her family for the pain an agony that that animal caused them. So why then is it so hard for you to see that people can be cruel, irrespective of their gender.


    If the gender roles in this situation were reversed, not a single person would be asking if the wife with mutilated genitals "did anything to deserve it". The husband who did the deed would be declared a monster and everyone would be calling for his head on a platter. So why is everyone's first reaction to this incident, "Well, maybe he did something to deserve it"? He did something to deserve being drugged, tortured, mutilated, and disfigured for life? I guess the man-hating radical feminists have finally achieved their ultimate goal of turning all American women into hateful, vindictive, sadistic shrews who think violence is okay as long as the perpetrators are women and the targets are men. It disgusts me that people who know the details of this case still find it insanely funny, and even more so that there are Facebook groups online that are declaring this woman to be a hero and a champion for women everywhere; it absolutely disgusts me.


    This is so funny. Everytime a woman becomes violent, other women start suggesting the man was violent to her first. There is NO evidence AT ALL to suggest he was hurting her. He only wanted a divorce. More likely is that she was beating him and thats why he wanted away from her. She had been beating and hitting him for years and he had no where to go.


    Everyone who believes this man may have done something to push her to breaking point is wrong. Even if this man did beat her, she had no justification to do what she did. She is a psychopath and this man is completely innocent. She deserves the death penalty as a lesson to ALL women that they ought to treat men with respect.

    This woman is an animal and so is anyone who trys to justify what she did. Women are always violent toward men and men have got to stand up for themselves. Do not take violent behaviour from any woman. Catherine Kieu Becker is a sexual criminal and if it it were up to me she would be on death row.


    She's a first-time offender. It's not like she's a serial c@ck chopper. There IS a chance he drove her to her breaking point. It's not the same as someone routinely beating his/her spouse. Maybe HE was beating HER. Maybe he threatened her if she said she was leaving. Maybe he made her do something with his privates that she couldn't get over. Of course, as I sad, it's sad that it got that far, but we don't have all the facts. That's all I'm going to say on it. I'm too old to argue and I've never liked drama.


    Well I hate to admit it I was a little closed minded when it came to people drugging somone, tying them up and then cutting sexual organs off their body. But you really have made me look at these things we call 'crimes' in an entirely new and open minded light. And it's good to hear that you're "sure it was something more than just a toilet seat" despite admitting "We will probably never understand what happened in that home". I've always been closed minded to domestic violence in general, thinking for example that men who beat their wives were somehow in the wrong. But of course their wives will be driving them to it. I'm sure that in those cases it will be something more than the wife not serving an egg sunny side up, or accidentally putting a double crease into the arm of their shirt! Silly victims, of course they deserve the mutilation/good sound beating that they get! :-)

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