Catherine Kieu Becker Arrested for Chopping Off Husband's Penis

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Warning: the following story contains details of a graphic nature. Really, guys, we're not kidding.

Catherine Kieu Becker, a 48-year old woman California resident, has been arrested after she admitted to slicing off her husband's penis and tossing it into the garbage disposal.

Catherine Kieu Becker Mug Shot

According to police reports, the couple is in the middle of a divorce. Becker laced her unidentified husband's food with some kind of drug, knocked him out, tied him to the bedpost and took a blade to his manhood. She eventually called 911 and cops arrived on the scene to find the man "bleeding profusely."

Becker was arrested on several charges, including aggravated mayhem, false imprisonment and assault with a deadly weapon. Her husband is in stable condition.

Lt. Jeff Nightengale said no motive has been determined, but we're gonna go out on a crazy limb and say the man was cheating on Becker, who told authorities her husband "deserved" to lose his genitalia.

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•Serenity Wrote: July 23rd, 2011 10:29 PM Frank, Everyone has a right to thier own opinion including you however, with all due respect you seem to be so angry. Cursing at people? Come on how old are you?? Really...what are you so bitter about? ************* Can you believe it...This "serenity" person is more upsent with me "cursing" than the fact that some poor 60 year old man was poisoned, and then butchered, and could have possibly bleed to death-----for NO GOOD REASON.... Thats the kind of mentality we are dealing with here....UNBELIEVABLE!!!


Frank, Everyone has a right to thier own opinion including you however, with all due respect you seem to be so angry. Cursing at people? Come on how old are you?? Really...what are you so bitter about?


Oh, I forgot. Frank, FB, Frank Brown, Please Please take your medicine! If everyone else is wrong, and everyone else is an idiot, what planet are you transmitting from today?


Maybe he messed with her son or daughter. I would support dickutation in that instance & consider that beneficial to him when he goes to prison, the boys will have a girl to play with as long as he shall live. If it was just for cheating, sick move! Should a man put a shotgun inside a woman and pull the trigger if she cheats?


Well the latest is that this crazy bitch is now terrified that she will be attacked! She is ashamed to show her ugly face in court (keeps her face covered with her long hair). Her lawyer told the court that she has had death threats, and he is also affraid for her safety... Well I say...Fuck Her! The dumb bitch should have thought about all of that before she decided to poison & cut-up anohter human being. Now I sincerely hope that she does get just what is coming to her... And for all of you idiots who have accused the husband of cheating (again no proof of that in the story, just your own fuck-up imaginations)you are just as stupid and fucked up as she is...


No, asshole nobody has said anything to indicate that he may have cheated. Why don't you try reading the damn story, stupid.


WOW...he must had did some serious cheating to deserve that...maybe a family member lol. That's crazy.


I simply can not justify a thoughtless, cruel act suc as this. If he's cheating, let him go and do better along the way. Cheating on your spouse is definitely wrong- so is chopping off his "crop",in reality this is total absurdity.This woman has loss her mind.Her mentality as well as her sanity should have been in question before the nuptials, her husband is to blame for his own misfortune/ "short- comings". Good luck in future trysts. Just don't become a porn star Loreinna Bobbitt's ex husband, there's a serious deficency there.


Sylvia July 14th, 2011 6:56 PM Shocking and sickeningly hilarious. Ironic her last name is Pecker... um I mean Becker. ********************** Well, Sylvia, there is nothing "hilarious" about this. Unless you are a sick, demented asshole, like the bitch in this situation.


Brenda J Smith Wrote:
"Well I bet he won't cheat on any one else again! Some women don't play!" ****************************
Well, to that, Brenda I would only add that...Some Men Don't Play, Either!...And, again, there you go assuming that he "cheated" ---screw the facts, you, and like-minded bitches just make up your own facts, to try to justify what this wacko did...But I can tell you this, that if I were the victim of this kind of attack...looking at prison would be the least of her worries. Because for the rest of her lousy life she would be looking over her shoulders worrying about the day that I finally catch up with her....Thats right Brenda ..."Some Men Don't Play Either"....FOR REAL!!