Traci Nobles on Anthony Weiner Cybersex: No Regrets!

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Traci Nobles, one of former Rep. Anthony Weiner's MANY sexting partners, says she has absolutely "no regrets" about their "relationship."

This in spite of the fact that Weiner is married, and the fact that Nobles is currently employed by a Christian organization. You gotta love it.

On Today, Nobles said of her relationship with Weiner, "It's part of my life, it's changed me in some way or made me who I am today."

We respect that ... but did she respect this package!?

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"Woman Who Had Online Relationship With Weiner." What an exclusive club!

When host Ann Curry pushed her about sending a sexual photo of herself to a married member of U.S. Congress, Nobles became flustered.

She quickly changed the subject ... as if she's there to talk about any subject other than the fact that she was sexting Anthony Weiner.

The embattled Weiner resigned yesterday, amid much-deserved heckling.

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I can't believe I've been going for years wtihuot knowing that.


Far beyond me to understand while (certain)women invite scandal. It is Not (just( enough that they become involved, but they have got to let everybody know who they are and where they are "coming from." There is No logical reasoning that Traci Nobles absolutely,positively had to let us know about her sexcapades with
Anthony Weiner. She gets herself invited on a News program, and then she try to avoid answering questions. As her last few seconds of fame wind down, she may be getting a request to come into the front office of her employer,who might feel that her tell all story is Not what they have in mind for an employee that represent their organization. PEACE!!


Is sexting illegal? Last I checked it wasn't. Why do america thinks its ok to be in people personal lives? I'm not saying it wasn't wrong because he was a married man but damn that's between the parties involved


In other words Weiner was expendable and Bill Clinton was not. You know what happen to the morals of this country. Weiner had people who still supported him? What does that say about them? Why does a Country like the US put such losers in high respect when you can't respect them?




Im pretty sure that this womans christian bosses wont think so lightly of her sexting sexcapes with Mr. Weiner.


I would sext with WEINER too


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